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Friday, 10 April 2015

Vacation Project: A Present to My Dad

5 years ago this month, April 8, I was officially getting my S.Pd degree after accomplishing the skripsi examination. I announced the good news to my dad as a birthday present for him. Here it is, pak. Your only daughter finally finished her study.

Today, I was crying on my way to his grave, imagining how happy he would be to know that today I’ve registered for my thesis examination, my so-called Vacation Project. Insya Allah I will do the exam next week, April 17, 2015. And the process to the exam is done in the day he was born, April 10 :’) So, this is also a present for him.

Nothing along the process of doing the project will be so smooth as I experienced today without the willingness and power of Allah The Almighty. Which maybe the power is delivered because He granted my father and my mother’s prayers. Also my husband’s. And close friends’. “Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?” (ArRahman : 13).

I feel like to copy paste the acknowledgement page of my thesis for this post but I think it also won’t be enough. Nobody can reimburse their kindness to me but Allah. So, let’s just wait, I believe Allah will give them all His blessings in various ways :)

This won’t be the end of my journey in pursuing my passion. I don’t know how, but I believe there will be the next steps I will go through. Insya Allah.

Friday, 13 March 2015

To be remembered

Beberapa pekan lalu, saya mendapat kabar yang bikin shock. Salah seorang teman seangkatan saya di kampus, Hardiana, dipanggil Allah dalam usia yang masih muda. Seumuran saya. 27, atill young, no? Perantara ajalnya adalah sakit anemia aplastik dan maag kronis. Berita itu mengingatkan saya bahwa maut tak kenal usia. Kematian tak mensyaratkan kita harus tua dulu. Begitulah.

Hal pertama yang terlintas ketika mendengar kabar beliau telah tiada adalah senyum dan candanya yang khas. Meski kami teman sekelas semasa kuliah, tapi kami bukan teman akrab yang rutin berjumpa dalam kurun waktu tertentu. Tak juga rutin berkirim pesan lewat berbagai aplikasi messenger atau layanan sms. Apalagi berbagi kabar lewat panggilan telepon. Tak pernah. Namun ketika kami berjumpa di kampus, khususnya ketika tak ada lagi proses belajar mengajar rutin seperti di semester -semester awal perkuliahan, Hardiana selalu dengan hangat melontarkan canda dan berbagi tawa riangnya dengan saya. Tak akan pernah saya lupakan.

Maka ketika saya dan teman-teman mendapat kabar duka itu, saya merasa seperti kehilangan teman akrab. Sedih. Tak menyangka. Meski pastilah tak sesedih keluarga dan kawan-kawan akrabnya.

So that is how we remember her. Hardiana yang ceria. Hardiana yang sanggup membuat kami merasa seperti teman akrabnya. You will always be remembered, Hardiana :')

Kelak ketika kita tiada, seperti apakah kita akan diingat? Tak bisa dibuat-buat. Orang-orang akan mengingat kita apa adanya kita. Jadilah diri sendiri. Jadilah yang terbaik dari diri kita sendiri. Bukan semata untuk dikenang orang-orang. Tapi supaya di akhirat sana Allah berikan rahmatNya agar kita bisa berkumpul di syurga bersama mereka yang kita sayangi.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Weblogs as e-portfolio

Technology, especially the Internet, presents us with new opportunities for authentic tasks and materials, as well as access to a wealth of ready-made ELT materials (Dudeney & Hockly, 2007, p. 8). Therefore, it will not be a huge leap to jump from blog filing cabinet to blog portfolio. The traditional portfolio process is supported almost perfectly by Weblogs. First, students collect the work they might want to consider highlighting in their portfolio and then they select those that represent their best work. This can include links to videos, podcasts, presentations, and more, all of which we'll cover in later chapters. They then reflect on the choices they made something they can easily do in a blog post. Finally, they publish the result for others to see. Even more powerful is the idea that these portfolios could conceivably span many grades and many classes (Richardson, 2010, p. 39).