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Tuesday 6 October 2020

INSIDE OUT - Miss Dini

If you're a person who is keen on psychology, or animation movie, I am quite sure you must have watched this movie. The title of the movie that I'm about to tell you is INSIDE OUT. This movie was released on August 2015. It's been 5 years, yet the story of the movie is still sticking around my head. Maybe because I have watched this movie for about... hmmm, at least 5 times!

Yes, I am totally in love with the storyline. I am really inspired by this movie, and I enjoy watching INSIDE OUT. I even once nominated this movie as the movie that best describes my life! Not only because I love watching animation movie, but also because I am interested into psychology. I care about mental health. Very much. And this movie was made with psychological basis. It tells how our brain works in a super fun way.

INSIDE OUT tells about a girl named Riley. In her so-called headquarter, she has 5 main emotions. They are Joy (who is always happy and spreading joy, just like her name), Sadness (the cute little blue creature), Anger (the angry square red man), Disgust (who is always super honest and has very strong stance), and Fear (the purple guy who will always make sure to keep Riley safe, although most of the time he shows abundance of worries. Well, that's why Riley is safe though 😄).

Those 5 emotions are taking control Riley's feelings, with Joy as the leader of the headquarter. Until one day, Sadness made a mistake, and it caused them (Joy and Sadness) tossed aside the headquarter. Riley felt no happiness, nor sadness. She couldn't feel happy or sad because there were only Fear, Anger, and Disgust who could control her emotions. Riley's feelings were messed up! She got angry easily. She changed into a girl who's not full of joy anymore. She even decided to flee from home. Oh, Poor Riley!

An incredible adventure happened in Riley's head when Joy and Sadness tried to get back to the headquarter. They met Bing Bong (Riley's imaginary friend when she was a kid). They also visited the Dream Production to wake Riley up. So many hilarious moments happened 😆 You've gotta watch it yourself to feel the fun and exhilaration. Ever since I watched this movie, I start thinking that my head actually also has a headquarter with 5 colorful creatures running around controlling my feelings 😂

Anyway, I learn a lesson after watching INSIDE OUT. I learn that being sadness is okay, that bliss will eventually come when human can cope with their sorrow. Last but not least, that MENTAL HEALTH is very ESSENTIAL in our life. It's as important as physical health so we also must take care of our mental health 💕




  1. Setelah sekian lama, ternyata masih aktif juga blognya 😁

  2. Tetep Berkarya Kakak..... God Bless U