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Thursday 5 February 2015

Entry Three: Vacation Project - Online Observation Day 1

It has been so long time I didn't actually do blog walking. I used to love doing it, because blog walking means a lot of things. Blog walking means learning from other people's point of view, a training to self-patience, a chance to have new friends, respecting people's choice, and so on. And this project reminisces me to those values. The difference is, when I do blog walking for merely blog walking, no strings attached as I am doing for this project*, I got a lot of bloggers visited and put comments in my posts. Aww, it was also so much string attached :p

Anyway, I enjoy doing the online observation for this project although none of the students visit me back and put any comments in my blog. Or maybe they do visit but I don't know. It doesn't matter. Now I think I write more for my writing improvement, as I put the assumption that way in this project title.

I have 4 questions as the guidance of the online observation. The questions were formulated based on the theory of Will Richardson which he wrote in his book: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classroom, and some from Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly's How to Teach English with Technology. One of the questions is: "How does the students’ blog writing performance?  (Punctuation, spelling, sentence structure)". Thank God that the focus of this project lies on how the students utilize their blog for developing their writing skill. I just can't imagine how long would I sit in front of the laptop to deeply analyze the question. It means I answer the question in general, no deep analysis, because YEAY, it is NOT the focus of my project *or not yet? haha*.

Among 26 students who fill in the questionnaire, unfortunately not all of them provided the form with their blog url. I don't know the real reason. It might be they do not remember the url *which indicate that actually they don't really have positive attitude towards the use of blog?*, or also can be they just too shy to share their blog url. Still, it doesn't matter. Research like this is about who want to be the participants, voluntarily, no urges. Even they can withdraw their questionnaires if they really want to. But please don't :p

Till the time I type and about to publish this entry, I have observed 9 blogs. I love their blogs, the layouts are cool. Maybe because the blogs were supposed to be the project for certain subject assignment which motivate them to design the blogs as good as possible. I really envy them. Why no Teaching Learning with ICT Subject when I studied there? I would be so happy showing off my blog to the lecturer hahahahahahahahaha :|

Well let's go on observing. Surfiiiiiing ~

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