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Monday 2 February 2015

Entry One: Vacation Project

This should not have been entry one, because I am now in the middle of my 'Vacation Project' entitle "A Study of How Students Utilize Weblogs in Developing Writing Skill". Anyway, it just came through my mind last night when I regret the days I procrastinated doing this project. Well then, I think procrastination more won't help, that's why I decide to make this entry, and let's agree this is entry one.

The choice of the topic, I think you all know why, that beside I do not have any class to conduct a Classroom Action Research, I find it is easier to do things that meet our passion. And voila, there came the topic about blog. And Alhamdulillah I could convince my lecturers to accept my research proposal. December 19, 2014 was the day I had the seminar, and I think I am still satisfied with the result :")

A minor revision, and I revised, and then I got the letter to do the research, and I did the research. It only took about a week for me to collect the data from the students. I am really thankful that two of lecturers of the subject of which I can conduct the research really helped me a lot. I administered the questionnaires to 26 students in a day, and at the same day I did 2 interviews. The next days, I got 5 students to be interviewed. And I think 7 students have been more than enough to have this project done. The rest is online observation, which I can make at home.

I have not written any single words for Chapter 4, because I am still doing the transcription for the questionnaires *which I have just finished* and the interview. I do not transcribe them with full transcription as I did for my skripsi, instead I apply the suggestion from Michael Bassey which I take from his book, Case Study Research in Educational Settings. Yes, I paraphrase. I actually planned to have 10 students to be interviewed, but only 7 of them agreed to be interviewed, and now I thank the rest who chose "do not agree for interview" because transcribing 4 interview recordings, even if it just paraphrasing is really exhausting. I can't imagine how tiring it will be to transcribe the full interviews. Oh my, am I researcher hahaha.

So here it is the entry one. I've done the data derived from the questionnaires, and finished transcribing 4 interview recordings. See you tomorrow!

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