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Saturday 9 November 2013

More than just a neck pillow

تهدوا تحابوا

"Exchange gift for it will increase your love towards one another". (HR. Bukhari)

One of many ways to strengthen ukhuwwah, as stated clearly in hadits above, is by giving present to our brother/sister(s) in this dien, Islam. I've proven myself about how the theory works, that the feeling called affection getting nicer inside me after practicing it. Giving present to each other, even with no need to wait special events like birthday or anniversary, is way more than special than those special days :)

It started few weeks ago, we had our lunch, and we discussed that it would be a great idea if we have one neck pillow so we can at least lay down our head when we have a break. Especially me, for I am recently experiencing biweekly 'fun' trip haha. Then days passed, the idea of having a neck pillow was about to be forgotten. Till 2-3 days ago I shared to facebook a photo-news from a local digital news portal, which attached one of the very pathetic infrastructures of my beloved West Borneo.

[Photo by: Julia Lorrains/Tribun Pontianak]

And Ara happened to see my sharing. Ahiiiw :p

Seemed that she did, and does, appreciate my effort to go to the vacation venue biweekly *oh, it was just a metaphor of a feeling of a pity on me for having passed that messy streets ;p*. Then she imagined how hard my effort to pass the street regularly, and how nice it would've been if I had had one neck pillow. So the day after, she decided to buy one for me.

And just yesterday, in our dinner time, for I can't stand on my fatigue *oh, this is an exegeration haha*, I said to her that I more felt like to buy a neck pillow so soon, she replied, "Easy lah itu kak", without realizing that she actually has brought the present for me since the very first session of our vacation. At that time, frankly I just thought that she said it because she considered to accompany me buying it.

Then surpriseeee. There we go, practicing the verse: "Exchange gift for it will increase your love towards one another" and prove it ourselves! Especially me, I feel sooo special. Yes, that's what I felt, and still feel, when my lovable 'teman sebangku' in my vacation venue surprised me by giving a cute neck-pillow on our way to the parking lot when the vacation session was over. So surprising!

Thank you again Ara for the neck-pillow. I am really wondering how could you remember that I want the pillow while on the other hand how easy you forget a tiny yet important thing like our green-card-vacation :p :p *peaceeee ^^v

Uhibbuki fillah, Ara. Hope the pillow gonna strengthen our ukhuwah till we meet in Jannah, Insya Allah :)


  1. bisa buat tidur di jalan Mbak. pas ngajar juga bisa, hoho

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