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Saturday 19 October 2013

We dream, and we share

When the sleeping time is about to end, and I still haven't found a cozy position to sleep soundly, then I reach my phone, accessing my pinterest account. One of my favorite pin board categories to browse is Education board. Plus Quotes board. I usually repin pic quotes that I find interesting, put them in my own board called: Languings. We never know which pin that we repin that may inspire others, don't we?

And one nite I find this pic quotes:


Very well said!

"Don't tell people your dreams. Show them"

It feels just like a lot of moments I tried to find a good phrase to convey my intention expressing that sentence. At the very first time I read that, I reflect myself, things I've shared on my social media accounts. I contemplate whether or not is there any dreams of mine I boast to people? Because to me, some people just do not deserve to only know what I have been dreaming of. They need the proof. Even sometimes they just don't care our dreams!

Yes indeed we need to share our dreams to some people. A few maybe. Because we need their support, we need them to pray for us. As I once posted

"Kita tak pernah tau doa siapa dan doa yang mana yang Allah ijabah. Capaian kita hari ini, barangkali bukan semata karena kerja keras kita, melainkan karena Allah mengijabah doa orang lain yang ditujukan pada kita"

How could they pray for us if we do not tell the detail? 

But the question is, do we REALLY need to share our dreams to the world? Hoping everybody gonna pray for us, and voila! Dreams granted. 

Well. That's the choice. Personal choice. But for myself, I will choose to be selective sharing my certain dreams to all people, and some more for only special ones. Taking one example of my dreams which I'd love all people know: do hajj to Mecca. Yes I need ALL PEOPLE know that I've been dreaming it. Even maybe some of us won't put doing hajj as a dreams instead of obligation for us as Muslim. And it's just okay if I want to put it on the top list of my dreams, no?

What about you? Agree with me? :)


  1. Mimpi itu akan lebih menyenangkan dibagi dengan orang-orang terdekat
    kalau terlalu banyak yg tau, takutnya dikira sombong bikin yg lain sirik..eng..ya gitu deh (..")

  2. Don't tell people your dreams. Show them << ini kata-kata secuil tapi dalam bet kak. Jadi semangat hehehe

  3. Sebagian orang mengatakan makin sering kita menyampaikan keinginan, mimpi atau hayalan yang akan dicapai di masa depan kepada orang orang itu bak DOA> Seperti DOA yang di AMIN kan oleh orang orang yang mendengarnya. Benar kata mbak LINDA LEENK. Menceritakan keinginan, cita cita atau MIMPI ingin sesuaut kepada orang lain itu Seperti DOA.