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Tuesday 8 October 2013

Reaching the point

Reviewing the events happened these days, I feel like that I have reached the point which Lana del Rey mentioned: "When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love".

Not that kind of couple love. A universal one. A gift that Allah gives to all people who function their heart correctly.

And I am confident enough to commit that I am one of all who do that way.

Just yesterday, I saw one of KEy members posted his honeymoon photo with his wife, which means he's married already. Out of case I and some of the members haven't had any official announcement about his married, we are still happy for his happiness. What reason can make us not?

Then yesterdays, I am happy *plus sad* when giving a see you later goodbye. Happy because of my father in law finally can go to Mecca to do hajj, sad because of there will be some moments we can't have the togetherness. Almost the same when I did with Elisa. She was off to Canada, and she is there now. 

More yesterdays, I am happy for my friend's success in having postgraduate scholarship to Turkey. Plus jealous actually. But my happiness has conquered that jealousy so I think I still reach the point.

Few days ago, in this week, a super happiness of my best friend named Sussi Nurvianti has also influenced my feeling. Again I reach the point. I reach the point twice. First because of the news she shared with me. Second because I make myself even more sure and convinced that our friendship exist for the sake of Allah. Indubitable amazing, no? :)

Too many happiness of other people for me to feel. That's why I really thank Allah for giving unlimited space to feel the bliss. Can't imagine if the space was made in China, or made in USA, or made in Indonesia, made in anywhere, made by human, I believe we would soon explode, for we couldn't stand storage the feeling inside :p *what kind of imagination was that hahahah xD*

Are you happy after reading this post? I am really happy if you are :)

1 comment:

  1. Nice post mbak Din, love to read it. inspiring :)