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Wednesday 18 September 2013

You say it's a puzzle

Because the one to whom I write this post understands English very well, so I choose to write it in English. 

Ah, you.. don't smile that way. It won't be as if I am talking to you :p

Do.. Re.. Mi..

The first three tone which will deliver a melodic harmony when we know the key to go on. 

Do.. Re.. Mi..

...doesn't have a meaningful value to me, yet it does to one of my friends whose name I mentioned in my previous post.

He said it's a puzzle, which has been kinda bridge to the world, connecting one world to another and more. And today he's on his way to prove that it's true to me. To all of his friends. 

The "Do.. Re.. Mi.." might not only be Ohio, Germany, and Austria, but also the next country he's about to reach: Turkey.

What will the Do.. Re.. Mi.. do in Turkey? Will it have any connection and form one different keyword? I'd be very glad to wait the story :)

And my puzzle to his success in having the scholarship is my post about Erdogan :D *Oh don't deny pleaseee. Just say it is ;p* It proves that life is like a mosaic, resembles a puzzle, is correct! Even I also have your puzzle in my blog few months before you applied ji! =)) :p

To you, Mr. Izhan Fakhruzie, who's now off to Istanbul, Turkey, and is reading this when you have a free WiFi, for thousand times, Congratulation! By publishing this writing to blog, it's official, I utter confidently to the world that I am really proud to be your friend.

Keep being humble as you always are, and still, don't forget the *my-so-called-arbitrarily-decided* targets you should reach within 3 years you're there ^^v

You're very welcome! *yes I know you will thank me many times after reading this :p


  1. OMG Mr.OZ you are everywhere
    from the beginning people surroud you are talking about you
    for the next three years all over the world gonna talk about you too...
    it's not good, but it's great!!!


    1. aamiin desri. hehe speecless ni. thank you ye desri. wish you all the best :0

    2. aamiin desri. hehe speecless ni. thank you ye desri. wish you all the best :0