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Sunday 22 September 2013

Loving My Sanguine-Self

Yes I do. I love my sanguine side, which I call my-sanguine-self. I enjoy some good sides of it which I feel them inside me.

As a sanguine-self, I move on from a difficult and annoying situation easily. I define easy for this case based on the time I take to heal. To really heal and feel myself better. To get over things extra quick and not think about the factor which may bring blue to my days.

No, don't ask me to attach an example.

As a sanguine-self, I don't wanna burden my precious feeling by loving, or caring people who don't do the same way, or as much as I do. I won't waste my time doing it as soon as I notice I don't get things right. What for? At least to me, to care ones a lot while they never care me enough is like reading an empty map when we got lost. No use. No destination to reach.

So that's why once I detect an unbalance treat happens to me *especially when I do know I give much more*, I'll soon lower the level of my affection, or my concern toward the ones. Haha, I don't know this is good or bad, but I feel good when doing this :D

Yes I just love my sanguine-self :)

Then if one day you feel a change from me treating you, then you should consider, maybe it isn't me changing. Maybe you're the one who start ;)


  1. optimis itu wajib..kalau mau mencapai keberhasilan dalam kehidupan ini...salam :-)

  2. I love your sanguine-self too miss!
    Hehe but I have a love-hate relationship with my Plegmatic-self

    1. I love your plegmatic-self, or another character-self as the way you are, mudrica ^^

  3. aakk sama... i really love being sanguinist.. :)