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Monday 23 September 2013

Not A Goodbye Hug

2 hari kemarin saya mengantarkan 2 orang yang saya sayangi ke 2 tempat berbeda. 

Pagi jelang siang, saya bersama beberapa alumni PCMI Kalbar mengantarkan Elisa ke Bandara Supadio. For her second time, she's gonna go to Canada. Pengalaman pertamanya pernah saya publish di Experience: Youth Exchange Program. Her another precious moment of life is when she was awarded as pemuda pelopor. Saya publish juga di Prestasi Sahabat, sekitar setahun lalu.

Kali ini, keberangkatan Elisa ke Canada adalah dalam rangka menjadi Project Supervisor untuk program pertukaran pemuda.

Elisa Jelang Keberangkatan

Sunday 22 September 2013

Loving My Sanguine-Self

Yes I do. I love my sanguine side, which I call my-sanguine-self. I enjoy some good sides of it which I feel them inside me.

As a sanguine-self, I move on from a difficult and annoying situation easily. I define easy for this case based on the time I take to heal. To really heal and feel myself better. To get over things extra quick and not think about the factor which may bring blue to my days.

No, don't ask me to attach an example.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

You say it's a puzzle

Because the one to whom I write this post understands English very well, so I choose to write it in English. 

Ah, you.. don't smile that way. It won't be as if I am talking to you :p

Friday 6 September 2013

Our Choice

Barusan saya menyimak berita di Trans TV, tentang ramainya antrean orang-orang yang membuat Surat Keterangan Berkelakuan Baik sebagai salah 1 persyaratan menjadi CPNS. Oh, sudah masuk bulannya melamar CPNS toh.

Dan perasaan saya masih sama seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya.

Tidak Belum berminat menjadi (C)PNS. Saya hanya berminat menyenangkan hati bapak yang hampir setiap hari menanyakan apakah persyaratan administrasi untuk melamar sebagai CPNS sudah saya lengkapi. Selalu saya jawab: Hari Senin, pak, Insya Allah.

This case is the only thing which I haven't found the way out.

Ya, perasaan saya masih sama seperti tahun kemarin.

Tahun ini ditambah lagi dengan perasaan yang menggebu-gebu untuk menyepakati pilihan kami *saya + suami*, dengan atau tanpa persetujuan orang lain :)

Thursday 5 September 2013

Critical Review

O. Kitchakarn (2012). Using Blogs to Improve Students’ Summary Writing Abilities. Bangkok University Language Institute: Bangkok.

The advancement of internet and social media has increased rapidly from year to year. Blog as one of the social media has been popular and used by million internet users. As one of a social media, blog gives a chance to more internet users from all around the country to criticize the posting published by the bloggers (Xie, Ke, and Sharma, 2007). This kind of feedback is considered to be able enhancing the students’ motivation in improving their writing skill.

In every field of study, the students need to read some sources and make the summary. Some students face difficulties when they have to write summary for their assignment. In Kitchakarn’s paper, the difficulties can be both from the students themselves who are lack of writing skill and the teachers who do not have interesting method in stimulating the students to produce the summary. Using blogs is one of the ways which is believed to be effective to solve the problem.

Sunday 1 September 2013

Vocation, Vacation, Passion

First of all I have to express my big appreciation to one of my great friends who today send me whatsapp, asking me whether or not I am going to be active writing things in my blog. Let's name this guy Izhan Fakhruzie, his real name ;p

Thank you for being my very loyal blog reader, Oji. I hope you will still do it while you are in your journey preparing me a miniatur of bosphorus strait *winkwink*

Then what is the relation between the title and an appraisal to Oji?

Oh, there will be quite close relationship for that.

My response to Oji's question today is actually kind of a plan of mine about stuffs that I am going to publish in my blog. As I posted before, I would be rarely updating my blog. But then in my way of  my'vacation' *oh I will tell this part later*, I almost always choose BLOGGING as my topic to elaborate. Maybe because I think my interest is into blogging. 

Then I remember one verse in Holy Qur'an (61: 3) which says: "Kaburo maqtan 'indallahi an taquulu ma laa taf 'aluun", Great is hatred in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do. Guilty feeling came to my heart very easily. That's why I told Oji that for the near future, I will keep on writing, and publishing it to my blog, but maybe more on the stuffs I do along my 'vacation'.

What's going on with my vacation?

Aha, I told you already too in my previous post :p