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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Working in a Rush

Welcome back, hectic.

Have you ever guys felt like you are working in the very last minute before the deadline? For me, I did feel it *and recently feeling it*. In some cases, a feeling as I am working in a rush came because of my own carelesness of the time. Aih, I don't really like to admit that *sometimes* my spirit to do things *which I consider as a not-very-important thing for me to do* is not as high as I accomplished my thesis. Huehehe, today to talk about finishing thesis is such an amazing thing :p

That sometimes I put my oblivion in some duties *of which are not my real duties* is totally right. Yes, that's right. I spend my time to analyze, what for I do things which I am not supposed to do? What for I do things which actually it's other's duty?

And the statement I state is the reason of why now I am working as if I'm working in a rush, as if the deadline is really tomorrow. Anyway, I love this sensation. This kind of sensation was on me so long long time ago. It's really so long time ago when I finished my assignment when I was in the third, forth, fifth, sixht, and seventh semester :D

But however, I always wonder on one thing: why some people *exactly my friends* who usually and almost ALWAYS work in a rush, do assignment and their duties *really duties of them* in the last minute, even in the last second, went abroad for scholarship, or short training, or youth exchange? Should I also always do my duties in the last minute *emph, the last second if it is necessary* to study abroad?


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