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Friday 30 April 2010

bagibagi abstract skripsi

Nah, kalo kemarin saya berbagi preface, kali ini saya bagi abstractnya ehehehe... Please, check this out..


Zulfany, Dini Haiti. 2010. “An Analysis on Conversation in ‘Kang Guru Radio English’ (KGRE) Program on Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak.”

English Radio Program is one of learning sources for English language learners. It broadcasts on the air by Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak and it supplies access to language learners. Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak is the widest-range radio station in West Kalimantan which broadcasts English Radio Program.

This research mainly investigates two aspects from eight aspects in Dell Hymes’ SPEAKING Model (Situation, Participant, Ends, Act Sequence, Key, Instrumentalities, Norms of Interaction and Interpretation, Genre). The two aspects of the SPEAKING Model are Instrumentalities and Norms of Interaction and Interpretation aspects. The research problems are on how the conversation occur in terms of Instrumentalities aspect and how the conversation occur in terms of Norms of Interaction and Interpretation aspect in Kang Guru Radio English (KGRE) Program on Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak.

The population of this research is the records of conversation of Kang Guru Radio English (KGRE) Program which are recorded on Kang Guru Indonesia Studio in Bali and broadcasted on Radio Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak. Three editions of the programs are taken as the sample. The techniques of data collecting are observation and recording.

The instrumentalities found on this research are observed from the language, code, dialect, register, and style of speech. The languages used in this program are English and Bahasa Indonesia, which English as the target language and Bahasa Indonesia as the local language. The codes of the program are emblematic code switching, inter-sentential code switching, and inner code mixing. The dialects of the speakers are vary and mostly used spoken Australian-English. The register in this program associated with discrete occupation and social group. While the norms of interaction of the speech event in this research cope the turn-taking with Transition Relevant Places overlapping, Discourse Management Devices overlapping, Shared Laughter, and Delayed Completions. There are four kinds of adjacency pair in this research: greeting – greeting, question – answer, request – acceptance, and parting – parting; with question – answer as the adjacency pair appeared the most often.

It is hoped that the findings of the research may contribute the actual data of a piece of Dell Hymes SPEAKING Model and become a guide for the next researchers in order to conduct a better research with the same topic in the future.

Keyword: conversation analysis, code, turn-taking, adjacency pairs, radio.

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