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Friday 30 April 2010

bagibagi abstract skripsi

Nah, kalo kemarin saya berbagi preface, kali ini saya bagi abstractnya ehehehe... Please, check this out..


Zulfany, Dini Haiti. 2010. “An Analysis on Conversation in ‘Kang Guru Radio English’ (KGRE) Program on Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak.”

English Radio Program is one of learning sources for English language learners. It broadcasts on the air by Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak and it supplies access to language learners. Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak is the widest-range radio station in West Kalimantan which broadcasts English Radio Program.

This research mainly investigates two aspects from eight aspects in Dell Hymes’ SPEAKING Model (Situation, Participant, Ends, Act Sequence, Key, Instrumentalities, Norms of Interaction and Interpretation, Genre). The two aspects of the SPEAKING Model are Instrumentalities and Norms of Interaction and Interpretation aspects. The research problems are on how the conversation occur in terms of Instrumentalities aspect and how the conversation occur in terms of Norms of Interaction and Interpretation aspect in Kang Guru Radio English (KGRE) Program on Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak.

The population of this research is the records of conversation of Kang Guru Radio English (KGRE) Program which are recorded on Kang Guru Indonesia Studio in Bali and broadcasted on Radio Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak. Three editions of the programs are taken as the sample. The techniques of data collecting are observation and recording.

The instrumentalities found on this research are observed from the language, code, dialect, register, and style of speech. The languages used in this program are English and Bahasa Indonesia, which English as the target language and Bahasa Indonesia as the local language. The codes of the program are emblematic code switching, inter-sentential code switching, and inner code mixing. The dialects of the speakers are vary and mostly used spoken Australian-English. The register in this program associated with discrete occupation and social group. While the norms of interaction of the speech event in this research cope the turn-taking with Transition Relevant Places overlapping, Discourse Management Devices overlapping, Shared Laughter, and Delayed Completions. There are four kinds of adjacency pair in this research: greeting – greeting, question – answer, request – acceptance, and parting – parting; with question – answer as the adjacency pair appeared the most often.

It is hoped that the findings of the research may contribute the actual data of a piece of Dell Hymes SPEAKING Model and become a guide for the next researchers in order to conduct a better research with the same topic in the future.

Keyword: conversation analysis, code, turn-taking, adjacency pairs, radio.

Thursday 29 April 2010

bagibagi preface

Ehehehe.. saya bingung mau posting apa. Jadi saya memilih untuk copy paste preface thesis saja yah :D

Here it is the complete preface of my thesis..


The very first gratefulness is delivered to The Almighty, Allah SWT: The Greatest Creator and The Best Motivator to His everlasting and mercy keeping me tough during my writing; therefore, this thesis is finally completed. Without Him, we will have no chance to read this complete thesis.

I am very thankful to my first supervisor, Drs. Albert Rufinus, M.A and my second supervisor, Dra. Endang Susilawati, M.Si. It is a fortune and bliss for me having such a great lecturer like them. They have been very professional supervising me to accomplish my thesis writing. They are also very cooperative conveying their clear and sensible ideas for the sake and the goodness of my thesis. I can do nothing to repay all their kindness, but I hope that God will always bless them along their life.

My appreciation also goes to all lecturers who have helped me and motivated me finishing this thesis: Dr. Martono as the Head of Language and Arts Education Department, Sumarni, S.Pd,M.TESOL as the chair person of English Education Study Program, Dr. Regina as my first examiner, and Drs. Clarry Sada,M.Pd as my academic advisor and my second examiner.

My endless love is dedicated to my beloved family. A lot of thanks must be delivered to my beloved father, M. Zamhuruddin and my mother, Nur’aini. Thank you very much to demand me finishing my thesis almost every moment we were sitting round the table. I also would like to thank my two little brothers Nizamuddin Arriyadhi and Rizky Fachrurrazi.

I also would like to thank all ESA members, especially the 2005 fellows: Renna Mardita, Dita Wulandari, Dedi Irwan, Maulidia Hasanah, Frenky, Billy, Ibal, and all of unmentioned names. Thanks for the togetherness and the favors along our way in campus, especially in the great event: English Pintar 2008. My gratitude also to all of my murabbiyah and my friends in halaqah, thanks for your patience in facing me.

Thanks a lot is also to the chief, staff, and all broadcasters of PT. Radio Volare, especially to Mbak Temi, thanks so much for the understanding and sincerity for more than 8 years to be a sweet and firm program director to deal with a broadcaster like me.

Last but not least, thanks of mine go to Gaby Corporation: Linda Budiarsih, Fika Ayu Rizqia, Mia Pratiwi, Sussi Nurvianti, Wardah and Elisa. Finally, the deepest gratitude is sent to the best cheerleader of my life, for the support, the amazing favors, for all the various creativities you made in burning my spirit to finish my thesis.

Pontianak, January 2010

The Writer

Friday 9 April 2010

Finally, It's Officially

Before you read it guys, I want to confirm that it is not a preface of my thesis hehe..

I'd like to express my happiness here, that yesterday I had my S1 degree already ^_^. So, since yesterda, April 8th, 2010 at about 11am, I have been officially named Dini Haiti Zulfany, S.Pd after being about a year some people in the instituition gave me "Free S.Pd" after my complete name.

So, it was not a fake, uh? Surely not. Coz I did not do any kind of deceiving by telling that I had been an S.Pd. Is it clear for you? Good if you know that already :)

Well,well. It's such a great moment to know that the thesis that I wrote with tears and hope, with crying and laughing, with various kinds of favor from everybody loves me, is valued with an A. Pak Albert Rufinus, Bu Endang Susilawati, Bu Regina, and Pak Clarry Sada. They are the board in the final exam. The great lecturers who have been succesfully supervising me until the 'D' day yesterday. To have them as supervisors and examiners is really a bliss. I have got so many knowledge from them. Thanks thanks thanks. Hehe, once is never enough.

Along the journey of my thesis, I also have got so many experiences, new lesson of life, teaching me the meaning of friendship, true love, patience, gratefulness, a lotta learning inside!

How I and my bestfriend, Linda Budiarsih, supported *and we keep supporting* each other to finish our thesis. The way we are together, sharing all of the difficulties, laughing, eating, spaghetting, everything! I still remember when we two went into the office of English Study Program chairperson to propose our title, and a week later ours were accepteb by Bu Sumarni. How happy we were at that time. Then after quite long process to have our research design, we enrolled our name together for the seminar. The seminar has already been well done. No matter the score we had, but the core is always how we contribute for our field. For field is really not enough. For me, devoting for dakwah is everything.

Now what I do really hope is: all of my friends in ESA, especially 2005 fellows, and the most special is for the member of Gaby Corporation, will have great moment to finish the thesis soon. I myself actually not the first student of 2005 who got the degree. But at least, I am happy enough to be the seventh student having it, and the first student with an A ehehehehehehe *it's not snobbing, really, just a bit showing off wekekeke :p* kidding guys. Yea yea, once again, whatever the score, whether it's A, B, or even C, the core is still HOW the bachelor contribute what they have got along their study.

So, people. Here I am, officially Dini Haiti Zulfany, S.Pd ^_^

A bunch of thanks for everyone whom I don't mention the name here. It doesn't mean I don't remember all of your goodness, OK :)