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Tuesday 10 November 2009

Conversation Analysis

Huff, finally, Ladies and Gentlemen. I have just finished my paper entitled: An Analysis of Conversation of Kang Guru Radio English (KGRE) Program on Volare 103.4 FM Pontianak. The piece story of my paper seminar has already been scratched a bit here.

I can totally realize it's possible that there will be some of linguistics students may get interested in the topic I picked. Maybe, when you *hey you there linguistic students ;)* is typing the keywords: Conversation Analysis, or An Analysis of Conversation, or Analysis of Radio Program, or even maybe Volare FM Pontianak, then Google brings you to this page, first of all I'd like to say: Welcome, you come to the right blog! This so-called pinkbutterfly blog-owner would be so much glad to share about the topic we pick out!

I once searched by using the keyword as I have typed above, but I felt less satisfied knowing that the sites which google brought me to didn't really real as what I really need. Well, frankly telling you here guys, I am *so much actually, but sometimes* also a bit lazy to see books and did paraphrasing. I prefer paraphrasing kinds of quotation directly from digital book to copying the sentence in the book I have. Sounds a plagiarism, uh? It's not. Sure.

So, that's why people. I offer you to share with me for the topic which me and you *just in case you are language students, or lectures of linguistic? no problem* get interested in together. You may mail me to hazelniez@gmail.com at anytime you'd love to.

Oh, one thing for information. I am non-experienced linguistic lecture yet for now, but it is a yes that I am a lecture. A guest lecture of an academy, teaching general English. Such a very fun freelance lecture, that's me! I am also a college student of University of Tanjungpura Pontianak, taking English Education Study Program, Teachers Training and Education Faculty. More about me, go straight to my second shelter. No more to know about me? Easy. Just avoid me, then quit this window ;)

Ah ha, thanks a bunch to still read this. Well, well. I announce once again that my e-mail is hazelniez@gmail.com. I can't wait for your e-mail to share. Share experience in language, linguistic, and those kind of stuffs, that's what I really expect!!


  1. Humm... a 'serious', yet interesting topic to discuss. I have no linguistic stuff or topic to share *yet*, but am definitely looking forward for more on this :)

  2. I think I need one more post about analysing literature product :P

    **me minder suddenly u read this, kak** heheh..

    anyway, let's share share share on many things!! including wedding :D