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Wednesday 14 October 2009

Need a shoulder

There will always be a moment when people need a rest. I thought, maybe, I have said what I did and do want to ask and know, in ways I can do. And here it is the moment I come. The time of a willingness to have a warm rest. I am tired.

Please put away your thinking of me falling down or giving up.

I will not.

I am just tired, very tired.

A shoulder to rest. That's what I really need now. Will you please give me your shoulder for me to rest without me request you first?


  1. Laa tahzan,
    Don't sad...

  2. @ b'muchlisin, it's not a sadness.. just a tiring expression :)

    @ kang asep, tenang saja.. kalo tiba waktunya status di fesbuk pandai nti berubah ;)

  3. tak usah takut menangis...

    Allah knows

  4. bold to cry? none too bold to cry, too big to make a tears...just cry if it make u better. cz rasulullah have cried ever when his beloved one gone from his life, forever.

  5. I cry frequently, by the way :D