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Tuesday 7 July 2009

the second shelter

Well, some of you maybe think you don't really need to know much more about me, what recently I feel, what I plan to do, and other what, where, who, why and any stuff of things flow from thekupu's mind and heart. All about me which is really more than reflection of muara.hatikupu, actually since long time ago can be browsed in About Me of this page which I call as my second shelter!! It's sometimes stated explicitly, although I do really love to say something implicitly, anyway. *Yeah, as much as I love ambiguity, for some cases* ;)

However, I open the access for you, people. Just for you who get interested to know what's on me, to know what I share, to know everything about me, more than what I am writing here, in my primary shelter. I am not setting my self this exclusive, private, or thinking that I am celebrity of town!! :o Omaigutnes, too much to say so, you know. What I mean here is merely to share my things to people who do really want to know about me *besides my view of general things in this primary shelter, ofcourse*.

So, people. Starting from now on, just you who send your email to thekupu@yahoo.com have the access to my so-called second shelter ;) Some consideration of mine will also be implemented when you send the e-mail. Means, I firstly will see, whether or not you can keep what I write there for yourselves *don't tell it to other who do not read it, ok* :x, whether or not I feel comfort to share it then have it read by you, and other whether or not to consider later. :)

Well, then. You may say: "Don't write then if you do not want people to know or let the other know about you, Dini!!". Oh ho. That's too naive to say so, people :v. It's just a bit peculiar for such a most-sanguine-enough-choleric-and-a lil' melancholic woman like me to keep it by myself while I love sharing!! So let me share, actualize myself by writing my experience in my own shelter, then let every people who do really CARE about me to know what I am feeling. Are you one of the people? Good. Let me see your seriousness that you care to what's on me by sending the email to thekupu@yahoo.com :L


  1. yeiy! i'm the first comment-er here ^^
    haha... you make me curious...
    i'd love to read ur writing please. it's actually for my own advantage too, to be honest... i envy ur being so bold and open on ur writing... wonder if i can write that bold

  2. it's nice to be bold sometimes, u know :s

    well well.. wait my invitation to have the access in your yahoomail.. you need to have one gmail, anyway.. and I believe u've already had one, rait? :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 08, 2009

    Keep posting. Be a postitive blogger

  4. sure, I will.. doesn't need the access to fly to my second shelter, uh? :D