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Sunday 17 May 2009

what's your university?

Seems to be so long time for me didn't have english tasty in my page. Feel a bit thirsty of it, so let me kill this thirstiness by posting my own point of view about my university. This point of view in form of written expression was requested by Mas Is to be published in English Day on Tribune, a special edition page for English Writing in Borneo Tribune.

Various thoughts came through this mind when requested to write about Tanjungpura University in my very own point of view. Having been eight semesters in Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Tanjungpura University doesn’t make me feel deserve enough to let myself write about my beloved university. Anyway, not much I and some other friends of mine can give for Untan in its Golden Anniversary but a big gratitude for this institution which has already heard our aspiration about many things along we belong there.

In this golden anniversary, as one of the students of the university, let me review back my reason of having my decision to go to Untan. Untan is one and the only university in Pontianak where I wanted to go. One thing to let us know together, Untan has already been in my ears since I was in Junior High School and planned to be the students of Untan since I was in the third year at that time. So, even in the view of a Junior High School student, Untan has already has its prestige since long time ago. Soon after graduating from Senior High School, I enrolled my name to study at Untan, exactly in English Study Program of Teacher Training and Education Faculty or FKIP.

I was and am totally sure that I can reach my goal by studying in Untan. I have heard some wonderful stories about the alumnus who have graduated from this university. I believe, even though some of them and registered students of Untan had a bit consideration when making decision to go to Untan, but when they already belong to the university, the sense of belonging must be put well inside. They, including me then, will make Untan as the university which we can say: it’s really my beloved university and nothing to compare it to!

Finally from me, wherever we are in this world, in any university we belong to and are from, keep the bliss inside us cause bliss comes soon after the sadness is faded away. So, keep your happiness in line with your heart everyday. Last but not least, it's not about   from what University you are, but it's about what contribution you give after you graduate from the university. ^^ (dhz)


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  2. ya..ya..sometimes we need to put some other language to our page :)

    hmm..'bout our university..I have no doubt that it becomes almost the only choice of the students to continue their study since it's the only state university in our beloved town with undergraduate degree..
    it's just..I expect..that the dean and rector pay attention to the improvement of each faculty, especially physically, to make it more comfortable as a place to study.. ^_

  3. wish those whom u mentioned above read this post and our comment ;)