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Saturday 30 May 2009

chatting, uh?

Just in case you need to believe that I was so much bad in English, as well as the case you wanna try to find who actually this lady was *and some of the chatting inside, reflects me, I thought haha*, so I copy this for ya. Enjoy ^_^

This is my chatting, with my friend names Kay. He is from Nepal, Kathmandu. It happened when I was in, uwm... yeah, so long time ago, even I myself can't really remember when it happened! Anyway, I still notice that I was in a small square room, at Mars Cyber Jl. Teuku Umar Pontianak at that time. Aha, Alhamdulillah now I don't need to spend time, money, energy to cyber cafe any longer. Thanks papap. *uwm, the history behind the free internet in my house has already been posted here*

Nah, here it is the history of the chatting...

[14:44] how many? -

RedRiver_M50 is ~Zandor_M@ * BlueDanube RedRiver_M50 on #jakarta RedRiver_M50 using rumble.fl.us.dal.net Get ready to Rumble RedRiver_M50 End of /WHOIS list. -
[14:44] > sometimes 2

[14:45] > multiple behaviour i mean
[14:45] > not the gal

[14:45] > just 1 gal

[14:45] > with multiple behaviour

[14:45] > attitude

[14:45] exoplain "multiple behaviour"?
[14:45] > bad and nice

ok...a split personality? ;-)
[14:46] > huahahaha

[14:46] > yes

[14:46] > maybe

that's very exciting...and who are we today?
wanna chat?
[14:47] > i am good 2day

[14:48] good can be bad u know? ;-)
[14:48] > how can? explain me

bad can be exciting and adventurous, good can be sedate and boring? haha
[14:49] > haha

[14:49] > up2u

[14:49] > i feel good

yes...that is important
[14:50] > what bout u?

[14:50] I'm usually bad...a dark side mostly ;-)
[14:50] > oh yeah?

[14:50] > like what?

[14:51] A volcano spewing lava?
[14:51] > dont understand
you mean the dark side?
I'm very passionate, few boundaries, and I'm extremely intense
do u understand now?
[14:53] > still not

[14:53] how do u understand the word "bad"?
[14:54] > bad, is not good

[14:54] > and im not good enough in english ok

[14:54] you're fine in English
[14:55] > not really
and I understand you entirely
[14:55] > thanks

[14:55] what's ur age...I'm 50 did u know?
[14:55] > but i just understand a lil bit what u entirely ;0

[14:55] > really?

[14:55] > i'm 18 near 19
[14:57] > where r u now?

does that make our age difference *bad*? hahaha
[14:57] > hahaha

[14:57] I'm a photographer...in Kathmandu, Nepal
[14:57] > age isn't everything i think

[14:57] > so, now you r in...?

reachiing JKT shortly
[14:57] > jakarta?

nope, Kathmandu...will bein Jakarta on the 5th
for a week
[14:59] > gr8

[14:59] > photographer for urself or for ur job?

and what do u do?
I'm into gallery exhibitions...so for myself I guess
Its what I do for a living
[15:00] > i'm a student
ok...and you're beautiful, clearly hehe
[15:02] > im not

[15:02] > i work too

[15:02] > as a broadcaster
that's interesting...radio or tv?
[15:03] > radio
[15:03] > im not beeutiful 2b tv presenter
well...beauty is often a matter of perception...
[15:04] > im with u

but you're a very interesting personality
[15:04] > or... double personality? haha

[15:05] that too! ;-)
[15:05] > everybody must have double, even maybe triple personality
[15:05] > sometimes, i can be good,

[15:05] > but maybe 2moro, i'll be someone bad

yes that's right...
[15:06] its how people are
[15:06] > so do u, right?
[15:06] mostly
[15:06] yes of course
[15:06] Its a human thing...
[15:07] and takes courage to admit it
[15:07] > ok
[15:07] > come on chat bout ur photo.
[15:07] what about it?
[15:07] > how do u interesting to take picture?
[15:08] I do street photography....candid pictures of people from all over the word as they go about their daily lives
[15:08] its very interesting...
[15:08] > what do u get from ur job?

each face has a million stories
[15:08] like yours..or mine
[15:09] > im sorry first, but is there any money u get from it?
[15:09] I get money from pictures that I sell
[15:09] > good
[15:09] > nice job
[15:09] of course...read above
[15:09] > yes ic
[15:09] yep...stimulating and exciting...
and fun
[15:10] > gr8
[15:10] what makes u happy?
I mean *really* happy
[15:11] > people that i can believe around me
[15:11] > my parents, bestfriend, soulmate
[15:12] you're a philosopher!
don't ever forget...they're humans too
[15:12] > yes
[15:12] > so?
[15:13] prone to the same fallibilities as others
[15:13] > ok
[15:13] so like you or me...they too can be good and bad at different times
its the way people are...and the world is
[15:14] > i just can say...
[15:14] > i do agree w u
[15:18] > disconnect

[15:18] > i'm sorry
[15:19] where did u go?
[15:19] ok
[15:19] never mind
[15:19] what was the last thing u read?
[15:21] disconnected again? sheeeshh!
[15:21] >
its the way people are...and the world is
[15:22] RedRiver_M50: but that doesn't mean u love them any less
[15:22] RedRiver_M50: except that u don't place them on a pedestal...because that can disappoint and hurt
RedRiver_M50: are u there...or am I chatting to a computer screen?
[15:22] > hehehe

[15:23] ;-)
[15:23] > im sorry to make u chat to computer screen
[15:23] haha
[15:24] so what else? what do u do for fun?
[15:24] > sharing with my bestfriend
[15:24] > sharing also with my mom
and u have known a relationship of love?
[15:26] > ummm
[15:26] > i dont

[15:26] > know
[15:26] > maybe not yet
[15:26] that's an honest answer...I like you
[15:27] :-)
[15:27] > me too
[15:27] gr8
[15:27] Its something you will discover when it is upon u
and it is something you will experience from the depths of ur being...
[15:28] > yeah

not just from ur heart...or mind...or body for that matter
[15:29] > i want2 save ur word
love is a communion between two people...almost spiritual in its embrace
[15:30] > not only between, but also among

[15:30] > we can share our love to more than 1 people right?

and sadly....very few understand that realm of spirituality
that's a very interesting and relevant question...
my feeling is you can....
[15:31] yet there is *one* love that makes you *feel* your own truth
it seizes you like a storm...
and rages inside you
[15:32] > oke

[15:33] > i don't understand it, just a lil bit

[15:33] > coz im indonesian, ok

[15:33] > but i try to
no problem...
[15:34] > i'll copy and paste our chat

[15:34] > i'll read it again at home

[15:35] do u know about the eye of the storm?
[15:35] its that part of a storm...where everything is calm and tranquil (peaceful)
[15:35] > what's that?

love is like that...
a raging storm...
[15:36] > yeah

[15:36] > ok
yet at its centre...
the beauty of stillness and calm
[15:36] > btw, have u found ur love?

[15:38] at one point of time yes...
[15:38] sadly it passed
[15:38] > passed away?

[15:39] a long time ago
[15:39] > ur wife, i guess
[15:39] naah...
[15:39] > im sorry if i remind u to ur love
[15:39] > or make u feel sad
[15:39] someone I once knew
[15:39] I don't feel sad
[15:40] the memory makes me feel grateful...
[15:40] that I was touched by the power of such love
[15:41] and experienced something most people will not even comprehend in a lifetime [15:41] comprehend=understand
[15:42] > yeap

[15:42] your english is remarkable...pick it up in school?
[15:42] > and remarkable is?

[15:43] look it up...get into that habit...try dictionary.com
It'll add tremendously to your facility with the english language
[15:44] > thanks
[15:44] > im just 1st semester in college
[15:44] whenever u come across a word u don't know...just go to this site
[15:44] and you *are* a work of beauty
I like your depth, your courage, your flow...
[15:45] > flow of?

the way ur mind flows, little one
[15:46] ;-)
[15:46] > thanks

[15:44] > im just 1st semester in college
[15:44] whenever u come across a word u don't know...just go to this site
[15:44] and you *are* a work of beauty
[15:44] :-)
[15:45] I like your depth, your courage, your flow...
[15:45] > flow of?
the way ur mind flows, little one
[15:46] ;-)
[15:46] > thanks

[15:46] > i just try to make it really based on my mind

[15:56] > what should i do to improve my english by dictionary.com

Well, well guys... Soooooo lugu and soooo imut kaaaan? agak mumet yah ga pake space gituh? ya sutra tidakpapa aja yah? gyehehehe... Anyway, I still have some other chatting history, thought. But I believe the rest of my very own chatting history, someday will be published only for my novel, seperti yang dirikwes, dengan atau tanpa sadar, oleh orangluarbiasa yang biasabiasaajah kepada saya yang soooo special bagi seluruh penghuni dunia, bahkan bagi Kay yang barusan saya kenal hari ituh.

Hmmm, you know what, people? Bahkan hingga hari ini, saya dan Kay masih berteman. Sungguh, pengalaman belajar bahasa Inggris yang luarbiasa!! Saya ingat betul, ketika Kay menelpon saya. Kalo ga salah inget, waktu itu saya lagi di mobil, mau pulank. Widiiiwh, bernostalgilah emank enak betul ya ^_^.


  1. wah...great friendship..orang mane tuh?nepal keh?

  2. saye dulu pernah juga chat ama orang thailand. Tapi udah ndak pernah lagi, soalnya tiap kali chat malah bikin bingung, same-same tak lancar bahasa inggris. Nampaknye emang harus belajar bahasa inggris lebih dalam lagi. Bace blog nye kak. lisa yang udah bikin saye pusing.

  3. @ k'lisa, yoha... Kay, from Kathmandu, Nepal... 50 year-old nice man :)

    @ iman, seharusnye blog k'lisa buat blajar bahasa inggris hoho...

  4. @nightcrawler: kikikik...nemenye gak belajar man.. semangaaat!saran man, jangan cume jadi nightcrawler, daycrawler juge lah..dunie kan tak cume night.. :P

    @Dinie: ha..!itu yang pingin kk bilang dari dulu kepada orang-orang yang agak sedikit "mabok" dan pusing setelah bace blog kk..he..thanks.. ^_^v