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Sunday 29 March 2009

My untold need

High quality words have to be responsible for this: Expressing an untold feeling about what I feel recently to my very special one, very special part of my puzzle of life.

Yeah, the puzzle of which the end will never have been complete, till I find my last chance to go there.

Well, my prince. My so-called 'sokjaim' brother. I've realized even since our very first 'meeting' *though it was actually not a meeting, I think* till our real meeting, I do love you so much, in my perfect way. It means, for whatever you request me to love you as the real condition we are in, there the way I am gonna put my affection on.

Anyhow, as many times I always say that actually it was a clear reminder for me myself: I will always put a mirror right in front of me so I have no chance to forget about whom I put my admiration.

And here, today, I'd like to remark to the whole world, *and please admit it honestly*, that we do love each other, for good thing, in good ways, for implementing my wishes and dreams to get closer as a much better woman ^_^.

Olrait, sir. Congratulation on your success in fluctuating my feeling. I really love your way. Thanks God, I love you as you request me to do, although you never speak it directly.


  1. tenang din..kan masih ade aqiqa....
    *fling mode on*irt

  2. komennye... seakanakan aku kehilangan... tadak kok ka ;)