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Sunday 16 November 2008

“I luph to be in my own class…”

Avoiding my blog to be empty, as one of my blogging-friend claimed me that I seemed to be that busy for having no time to conduct new post in my blog -though actually I was not busy, just losing some good mood, anyway- so, I prefer now to post some of my writing for publishing in media: Lingua Franca.

Lingua Franca is Bulletin in my campus, Tanjungpura University, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, and since three or four years ago has been handled by English Student Association. I am, as the recent secretary of the organization, also asked by the editor, one of my friend -Feriza Yudha- to also write (again) for the Bulletin, the same column: Student's Talk.

In my previous writing, I wrote about Moving Chair, here and there. Now, in the next edition of Lingua Franca *I still wonder when Reza will make it complete and get it to be interesting bulletin*, I get interested to talk about Choosing our own Class. The phenomenon actually has been popular in my campus since I was in the second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, and even now seventh. The class-choice is still a hot issue to talk about in my campus. That's why, since the column's name is Students' Talk, so I had a bit talk with some of English Department students about the case. Here is my report...

Do you still remember in what class you were when being high school student? In class A, B, C, D, or even E? Whatever class you were from, we believe you didn’t choose the class by yourself, did you? You had been set up to occupy the class, be a good ‘citizen’ of your classroom, and you were also OK about it.

Now, when you have been college students, will you still be OK to be set up for the class? Or, you tend to love choosing your own class for every semester you will be in campus?

Let’s check out what students say for this…

Frans Aji Muda Akbar, Media Covered and Networking Staff, ESA Member 2007
“I prefer to choose my own class. Choosing our own class means giving space for us in choosing the lectures who are going to teach us. I’m sure we can enjoy in learning when we can choose the lecture by ourselves”

Rivall Rinaldi, ESA member 2005
“I agree if our class is set up by our Head of Study Program. When we have been set up to fill in certain class, it can minimize the social jealousy among students. There is tendency, when some students can have the class based on their willingness, the other students will be jealous of it. So, I believe, to minimize the jealousy, setting up for the class is one of the solutions”

Rahmi Widiyanti, ESA member 2008
“For this beginning, I am ok to be set up to fill in certain class. I am now in class B of English Study Program. That doesn’t really matter because I am still new student here. I still have no idea about the character of the lecturers who teach me. Anyway, I hope, for the next semester, I can choose my own class so I can attend the class of the lecturers that I want them to teach me”. (dhz)

Well now, what about you, friends, bloggers, mpers, and all who just stop by to read this? Which one do you prefer? Choosing your very own class, or keeping on silent obeying your lecture -or your head study program- to be set up for the class?

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