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Wednesday 22 October 2008

Vote or just stay silent…

This Saturday, 25th October 2008 will be the very historical moment for Pontianak citizen. That’s the time when we will vote to one choice: for the next major of Pontianak.

7 candidates of major and vice-major are now waiting for facing two different possibilities: win or lose. They are to be ready for those possibilities. The couples who will be the next major to be of our beloved city are Haitami Salim - Hardiansyah, Oscar Primadi - Hartono Asaz L, Muhammad Abduh Muhammad Taha, Sutarmidji – Paryadi, Harso Utomo Suwito – Awalluddin Rahmad (H Kalut), Hersan Aslirosa -Setiawan Lim, and Sri Astuty Buchary – Eka Kurniawan.

Many questions then appear. Are they, the candidates, able to make significant changes to Pontianak for many kinds of aspect? We may often or once heard the comment “He or she is a born leader”. We need to make ourselves sure about the statement since there are certain characteristics found in some people that seem to naturally put them in a position where they're looked up to as a leader.

Whether in fact a person is born a leader or develops skills and abilities to become a leader is open for debate. There are some clear characteristics that are found in good leaders. These qualities can be developed or may be naturally part of their personality. The leadership qualities that are required to make a good leader can vary in different companies, teams and situations. Still, for today’s case when Pontianak citizen will choose for the next leader, the requirements are still important things for the candidates to posses.

However, although many people may be busy talking about characteristics to be a good leader, it is still a bit poor fact to see that there are some citizens who do not want to use their right to vote. Some even don’t care to any kinds of election which deals with politic. “My choice will not give any impact directly to my life. So, I think it will be no use for me to vote”, said one woman who lives Perumnas 3 citizen who doesn’t want her name to print. She said that she didn’t vote in previous Governors Election, and will not vote for Major Election next week.

This phenomenon doesn’t only happen to the women. There are still some who claim themselves to not use their right in voting. As Hajibah, Tanjung Hulu citizen said that the phenomenon happen since some people doesn’t believe anymore to the previous leader of what they have done. “All they can do is just promising and keep promising. For today, when they do the campaign, they say this and that. But let’s see what will happen next? We may be forgotten, as they’ll forget about their promises”, she said.

This is actually one of very classic problems that have happened so long to this country. It can be good input and motivation for everybody, not only for the major-candidates but more for everybody who will be, or now is the leader! However, whatever that may happen for the near future, all that we can do is trying to be good Pontianak citizen, giving significant contribution for our beloved city, as well as we want to be done that way. That’s why, don’t let your right to vote fly away. If we think we can’t do anything significant to our city today, at least we have tried our best to get involve in the process of better improvement by using our right to vote. (dhz)


  1. wah saya baru besok nih mencoblos buat walikota baru..pilih siapa hayo

  2. siapa aja mas calon2nya?

    yang pasti, pilih yang bersih, peduli, profesional hoho