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Tuesday 7 October 2008


Di kolom Welcoming blog saya, saya menyatakan bahwa: in my own point of view, Haiti represents the word "Hayati" of which the meaning is: My Life. As a whole, interpreting my name is this way: Dini, means my Religion, ISLAM. Haiti, means my life, yeah here it is my life. Zulfany, means my position, in this world and hereafter... So, defining it completely, Dini Haiti Zulfany would be My Religion, My Life, My Position. I myself really love to say that the philosophy of my name finally will be "My Bright Religion". How come? Please see the meanings once more. Yeah, that way. Islam is the religion in my life which can bring me to the better *even the BEST* position in this world, moreover in hereafter. Do you agree?

Nah, sementara itu, blogthings menyatakan berbeda. Arti nama saya, secara alfabetik, bukan itu katanya. Katanya sih, nama lengkap saya, Dini Haiti Zulfany, artinya itu begini:

What Dini Haiti Zulfany Means

D is for Devilish

I is for Intelligent

N is for Neat

I is for Intense

H is for Hip

A is for Animated

I is for Intense

T is for Tame

I is for Intelligent

Z is for Zingy

U is for Unique

L is for Liberal

F is for Fresh

A is for Adventurous

N is for Neat

Y is for Yummy

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