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Tuesday 1 July 2008

When the feeling mingling

"I think the sms I've sent to you is clear enough to understand. That's comprehensible" -me-

"No, I don't understand. Explain it more" -him-

"Well, so this way, friends. We need to conduct the page together since I was not supposed to work by myself (although I am actually able to do, I said in heart). To make it, all you have to do is just this... bla bla bla" -me-

"So, who will take this responsibility along we leave for Pontianak?" -him-

....people in meeting... S I L E N T ...

"I believe that actually we don't have to make it as like Dini said. I wonder about the quality of the articles if we demand ourselves in distributing them directly for 8 or 9 edition. I think we still can do it while we leave for this city" -him-

"Please explain me in what way" -me-

"Just send the articles by e-mail, simple" -him-

"Oh yeah. Internet in remote area, huh? Pretending there will be, it makes us easy then. But pretending there will no, it makes us busy then" -me-

"Ya, we must prepare the worst thing that may happen. It should be one who takes the responsibility. No need to manage till 8 edition" -her-


Why should you, my friend, again (you told me that it will be better for us to conduct it in some numbers of edition just like I told in the meeting!) make me disappointed? Underestimation is a usual thing for you to do to me. But this is REALLY ANNOYED! Now, you are not more than a BIG HYPOCRITE!

*Sigh* It's July! And I am not supposed to be fed up with things since this is my month. In my month, nothing is not beautiful. Everything must be beautiful.

One beautiful today. Thanks God, thanks mam, to give me that satisfactory score.

...to be continued

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