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Thursday 6 September 2007

Spirit Award

Today is the day full of signature here and there. Bit spirits come into my soul when teaching. After signing a smile as my own signature characteristic :) on this paper and that paper, I feel that I am valuable as human being ahah.

Lots of spirits also come into my soul when I went back to my campus this morning. Finally, after having no class for about 3 month, gosh what a boring day without assignment *am I too much stating this?* I felt again the beauty of studying, the art of being a very diligent and nice student. I love to be taught. I love to feel that I am taught. I love swallowing a brief explanation, long one as well, I also love. I like copying what my lecturer is saying, then make my own conclusion at the end of the meeting eventhough my lecturer doesn’t ask me to do and doesn’t ask me to tell. I keep it for myself, at least.

So much spirits also come deeply into my soul when my beloved best friend *finally, I get bestfriends –in big S— again after few days ago I felt that I was left* challenged me to memorize the Holy Quran the 30th Juz. I was a bit surprise listening her stated it. But I just didn’t know what kind of spirits came straight into my mind, soul, I dare the challenge! I’m just sure that I tend to love accepting that challenge. I’m sure that I am not gonna be tortured. What a shame thinking memorizing the Holy Quran as a torture!

Motivated, motivated, and motivated. That’s what I am feeling now. I asked one of my ‘akhwat’ students also to dare this challenge, and she did. I just don’t know what will be the consequence when I can’t memorize the surah well. Now, what I need is real good surroundings, positive environment to influence me doing positive things. Is it one of the things that I called as REALISTIC? Are they ones who are realistic? I hope so. I couldn’t deny this for whatever reasons, I guess.

Well, besides motivated by those things, today most of my students also motivated me. They were motivated by me as well. I am also proud of my English Study Club members. They have great intention to be the winner. They couldn’t take something for granted when realizing something wrong happened. They were aware, realizing it and they know what to do! They dare to ‘shame’ themselves to move up and step their ability forward more and more. I do love my students, today! They are my motivation to STAY!

Then tonight, for I don’t know how many times, I promise myself to be better than before. Alhtough I don’t know which people can measure and control quality of mine being better, I still keep promising myself to be better, to make my dream in my birthday come true!

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