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Sunday 30 September 2007


I read aloud my poem in front of the rest of the class in today poetry class. I wrote it this dawn, about 1 pm. My lecturer asked us to write a pray, then I wrote it, purely from my mind.

Pray, I do the prayer.

I say the pray every single night, every single day to You, my Lord.

The first thing to hope from You is making me as a thankful sleeve.

A thankful woman to be able in expressing this gratitude.

That You’ve given me such a nice thing names family.

That You’ve given me a priceless thing names friendship.

That You’ve given me so much responsibility.

Then You gather them into one and let them in me to keep.

Sometimes I can’t set myself to be humble

I state my wishes but I gabble

Eventhough understanding my heart You are able

However, I shouldn’t make my pray as a gamble

I was ignorant, and am!

Please, slap me God. I deserve for it.

Spread me out from this world just gimme a bit.

I still need to be thankful. That is my aim.

No applause, tough. Just a bit ‘ehem’ from some friends before reading my poem aloud. Anyway, the poem above is really pure from me, about myself, absolutely me, not whoever.

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