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Monday 24 September 2007


Today, I think that I lost my ‘chance’ to have one, again and again. Am I cursed? Yeah, I am cursed coz I do not really implement the way of being PATIENT! I am not a good sleeve to be patient waiting my turn having one to lie down and share all the things I wanna share. Be patient, always be the answer, and always be the solution but without any specific implementation.

Today, I spoke by myself *actually not by myself, but because I have no friends accompanied me broadcasting this afternoon, so it’s my real fun job to speak by myself in front of the microphone* talking about Ngabuburit Zone. Sound so cool, right? Putting word ‘zone’ after a terminology comes from Bandung looks so great, I think. At first, I wonder where the word ‘ngabuburit’ from. After one of my loyal listeners called, we had a bit long dialogue on the air; he told me that ngabuburit is from Bandung.

Today, I tried to find the definition of ngabuburit. I browsed http://www.google.com/. Typed the keyword: define:ngabuburit. No data found. Well, what is ngabuburit actually? Just this afternoon, I defined it as activity that people usually do while waiting for breaking their fasting. I found no terminology in English stating about ngabuburit. So, with my pleasure, I named the topic today: NGABUBURIT ZONE ehehehe.

Where ya favorite place to spend before breaking your fasting? What ya usually do in the favorite place?

I really have no idea to share with, actually. I still feel that it’s not really Ramadhan. Stupid me. Pathetic me. Cursed me. Yea, I am cursed.

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