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Monday 16 July 2007

19 being Manager!

I’m still on my Lovely Sunday, today! With many surprise and something new which is unpredictable and really unwanted *is it?*. SURE!

First, I realize myself coming late to my broadcasting schedule as I also was late waking up. Actually not, coz I had set the alarm and reminder that this morning I’m gonna have Sunday Morning Jukebox! But, since I was still sleepy, so I went on sleeping *seems that this -19-years-old-woman and almost 20 is lazy, right? And she is!*.

Finally, I got up in a bit hurry, had my towel, took a ‘flash’ shower, made up myself *just a bit powder into this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l- face*, got dressed well, prepared everything for broadcasting, had a very instant and fast breakfast, greeted and kissed my mom’s hand *I used to doing that!*, ride by motorcycle directly to the studio, had my microphone, and started opening the program.

That’s the morning, nice and still fun as usual. Until I came to a place which I sometimes called as a place to held boring meeting, the place where I and friends are forced *it seems to be forced, believe me!* to listen to unimportant case for going on our career. But it’s real different today! What’s up today, just one phrase:


My goodness. It is a real surprise, although the one who is keen on making a BOREDOM for me and friends on that meeting *the owner of the company* really had no intention to make any surprise *moreover today is NOT my BIRTHDAY yet!* and I think it is really not wise to make surprise before the time. That’s why, at first I listened to the plan, I grinned and didn’t know to say what. Really had no idea about. But frankly speaking, even before I am issued to be ‘crowned’ as a manager, I have made much planning for the company *exactly the place where I teach* to talk about this and this and this and that in my mind. There are so many things! Well, just skip about me being the manager before 20. Howh, 19 being manager!

The planning that I have made now are real noted in my book! I called up all of my friends *my best friends, who are also the teamwork* to make some complaint that they have found along they have been working in the company. Why should I do that before I am formally crowned as the MANAGER? Well, it is NOT because of my BOSS, the boring one! But it is more because of I find today, that the sharing profit is really NOT FAIR! I hate the administration of my COMPANY! I hate they don’t tell me about the way how to share the payment of my recently work, and I repent myself didn’t ask about this because I thought it’s really not like what happen in my mind!


Just pretend that you now are treated unfair, in a condition which you should have got much more than today. I just can’t say anything. Now in my mind is just that I really can’t stand for next week. It’s not just about my BIRTHDAY only *only? My birthday is not ONLY!! It must be SPECIAL J* but it is more than about what I do want to deliver to the boring BOSS. I can’t stand to wait next week. Oh, I must pass tonight, tomorrow, next tomorrow, next tomorrows and more! Sure, be patient will be better.

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