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Thursday, 27 February 2020

Writing Test - 2020

Aspek penilaian writing test:

  1. Content and organization (sesuai format dan instruksi yang diberikan, kalimat mengalir dan rapi, setiap paragraf efektif).
  2. Punctuation, capitalization, and spelling (penggunaan tanda baca, penggunaan huruf besar, dan ejaan).
  3. Grammar and vocabulary (penggunaan grammar dan kosakata).

Meeting 13 - Writing Test.

Writing Test dikumpulkan PALING LAMBAT TANGGAL 4 April 2020. Mengumpulkan writing test = menghadiri 1 kali perkuliahan. 

Petunjuk mengerjakan writing test:

Sebanyak minimal 400 kata (atau minimal 500 karakter), buatlah tulisan dalam Bahasa Inggris yang mencakup tema:

1. Tentang diri anda. Tell about yourself, things that other people might not know about you, your hobbies, everything other people need to know about yourselves.

2. Skills atau keterampilan yang anda miliki. What skill(s) do you have? How do you get that skill? Do you get it through practice or were you born with that skill? What will you do with your skill for the future? Do you think your skill can help you to earn money?

3. Rencana Anda di masa mendatang. Tuliskan tentang mengapa Anda memilih program studi saat ini, dan hal konkrit apa yang akan Anda berikan untuk Universitas Tanjungpura serta kampung halaman atau daerah asal Anda setelah lulus nanti.

Ketik tulisan Anda dengan format:


(Isi tulisan)

Jumlah kata: .... words.

Contoh terlampir.

Berikut link untuk mengumpulkan tugas writing (klik pada nama masing-masing prodi):

  4. FEB Manajemen Pagi
  5. FEB Manajemen Sore.
  6. Teknik Sipil.

Example Writing Assignment - Contoh Tugas Writing

Name: Dini Haiti Zulfany

NIM: F2201131007

FKIP, English Education Study Major, Class A

Hello, fellow readers! As you can read above, my complete name is Dini Haiti Zulfany. I am originally from Pontianak. I was born in Pontianak, raised in Pontianak, and had my formal education since kindergarten till masters degree in Pontianak. I am now married to Abang Priana Ashri. He is from Sanggau. So at least once in a year, usually to celebrate Idul Fitri, I will go to my husband's hometown.

I have several hobbies that I think some other people have too. What are they? They are traveling, online shopping, and these days, I love watching movies or series. Even though I love watching, most of the time I prefer to NOT watch the trailer of the movie that I want to watch. Why not? Because I don't like spoiler. I hate spoiler! Well, although actually there is no spoiler on the movie trailer, I still don't want to have any clue from the scene. Therefore, never ever you dare telling me any spoiler of a movie that I haven't watched haha 😂.

I am currently a lecturer at Universitas Tanjungpura or Untan Pontianak, teaching English for non-English Department students. Being an English lecturer has been my ambition since I was in junior high school. I feel so grateful for reaching this dream. Besides being a lecturer, my other ambition was to be a radio broadcaster. And I used to be one of a broadcasters on a private radio station in Pontianak. Do you know Radio Volare? Yep. I was a radio broadcaster there.

I had become the radio broadcaster for about 16 years. I can be a broadcaster for quite period of time because I really love broadcasting, and I think, broadcasting is not only my passion, but also my skill. You can read a piece of my experience of being Radio Volare broadcaster on this link. Public Speaking is my skill, therefore I bridge the skill by being a broadcaster. I also sometimes become the MC for several events of Untan, too.

Besides Public Speaking, another skill that I have is, of course, English. Not everyone has the ability to speak or write in English. That's why I feel so glad and grateful to master English. For this reason too, I enrolled myself at English Education Study Program, S1 and S2 level at Teacher Training and Education Faculty or FKIP, Universitas Tanjungpura Pontianak.

I have graduated the S1 level in 2010, and S2 level in 2015. At that time, I actually didn't plan to be back teaching in Pontianak because I still lived in Sekadau, but then I was offered to teach English at Untan so I took the chance and here I am now, being one of the lecturers. I think, by being the lecturer in my almamater, I am doing my part to give such a concrete contribution for Untan, as well as for Pontianak. I really hope that I can inspire and motivate the young generations who choose to study at Untan, to keep learning English as English will be very beneficial for their future.
That's all about me that I can share with you. Now please tell me about yourself 😊

Jumlah kata: 511 words.