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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

English Course Timetable 2017

Below is the timetable of the English Course for students of Universitas Tanjungpura Academic Year 2017/2018. It consists of blog writing topics, the dateline to submit the assignments, the date of mid-term test, and the video submission due date. 

DIRECTION for Structured Assignment:

Write with at least 200 words for each posting based on the topic listed below. Attach each posting with at least one original photo to represent your writing. Publish your writing to your own blog for each week by the dateline that has been decided.

Click on each topic to read the example of the writing.

Week 1
September 4 – 16, 2017
Write "About Me" to explain the readers who you are, why you choose to continue your study to university level, and your plan after finishing your study from Untan.
Week 2
September 17 - 30, 2017
Take 4 pictures of events, phenomenon, places, etc in Pontianak with ‘soft news’ value (informative, educative, entertaining). Tell what the photos are about by giving caption/description both in English and Bahasa Indonesia. The photos must be your own original work, not taken from the Internet.
Week 3
October 1 - 14, 2017
Write down all your goals for the current year or dreams where you want to be in 5 years time. It gives nice pressure and motivation to achieve the goals, and it may excite your beloved ones.
Submission of Video 1 –
October 15 – 21, 2017
One-minute video about tips, profile, or any interesting content. Write the caption/description both in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Publish the video to YouTube and/or directly to your own blog.
Example video:
Corak insang Pontianak

Mid semester test
October 23 – November 3, 2017
Written Test.
Mid-term test will be given in form of written quiz. The questions will be taken from the activity of classroom and/or online meetings.
Week 4
October 22 - 31, 2017
​Visit one of your favorite café/restaurant/canteen in Pontianak, choose the food or beverage to be reviewed.
Week 5
November 1 - 11, 2017
Share about your best friend(s) or your close friend(s). Introduce your blog audience how you met them, why you can be their best/close friend, things you like and you don’t like about them, and your expectation about your friendship.
Submission of Video 2 – November 1 – 30, 2017
​One-minute video about tips, profile, or any interesting content. Caption/Description with Bahasa Indonesia and English.
Example video:
Manfaat menguasai bahasa asing

Week 6
November 19 - 30, 2017

Sharing inspiration and tips from your adventures is very useful to your audience. In case you haven’t traveled for a while, publish the best or worst experiences you’ve had in certain cities/countries/airline companies/etc.
Week 7
Rest of the semester
Published before December 16, 2017
Dialogue Script with your peer.
Materials of the dialogue are taken from your blog postings.
End of Semester Test
January 8 – 19, 2017
Final test will be PROJECT BASED, in form of:
1.      2 one-minute videos. The videos are to be submitted on October and November.
2.       Dialogue performance with your peer.
Dialogue materials are taken from the blog postings and will be performed at the last meeting.

Good luck and have fun with English!


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  2. hello miss, i have submitted my assignment. thank you miss :)

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