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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Writing Topics for Structured Assignment

Dear students of Tanjungpura University, Even Semester of Academic Year 2016/2017. Read the direction below.


Write with at least 200 words for each posting based on the topic listed below. Publish your writing for each week by the dateline that has been decided to your own blog.

You can click on each topic to read the example of the writing.

Week and dateline
Topic writing
Week 1
February 18 – March 4, 2017
Direction: Tell the readers about yourself and your reasons why you choose to continue your study to university level.
Week 2
March 5 – 17, 2017
Direction: Elaborate about your skills, what have you done with your skills, what will you do to enhance your skills, etc.
Week 3
March 18 – 31, 2017
I can’t imagine life without ………….. (example: electricity, education, economy, chemistry, music, etc)
Direction: Write your point of view about how this life would be without the thing(s) you mention.
Week 4
April 1 – 14, 2017
Direction: interview a person or a community who has special ability or special skills. Write the result of the interview and publish to your blog.
Week 5
April 15 – 30, 2017
Direction: Write a procedure paragraph and create a video of you demonstrate the tutorial. Publish the writing and the video in one post.
Week 6
May 1 – 13, 2017

Direction: If you have to make a business, what kind of business will you do? Elaborate your idea.

Week 7
Rest of the semester
Published before May 31, 2017
Speech text for final examination.
Direction: Publish your speech text.

  1. DO NOT do PLAGIARISM. Write your own genuine idea.
  2. Avoid using GOOGLE TRANSLATE for the whole writing. Use it only to translate WORD, not paragraph(s).

Good luck and happy blogging ;)