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Monday 9 February 2015

Entry Five: Vacation Project, Last Day of Online Observation


Alhamdulillah I have finished doing the online observation, the formal one. It means, I observed plus put some notes and captured the participants' Weblogs. I think later on when I start writing the result of this project, I will re-visit their blogs.

Having done all the series of the Chapter 4 pre-writing has arisen my guilty whatsoever. I know this project has no specific deadline, that's why I deadline myself. Unfortunately, I am *oh yes AM STILL* aware that I just can deny the deadline :(((( As an example, instead of just doing the last online observation yesterday, I skipped it, and acted like Sunday is the time to chill out, no project, as if the rest of the days I seriously do have big daily project like everyone else :p

At least I feel guilty, yes? 

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