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Friday 20 February 2015

Weblogs as e-portfolio

Technology, especially the Internet, presents us with new opportunities for authentic tasks and materials, as well as access to a wealth of ready-made ELT materials (Dudeney & Hockly, 2007, p. 8). Therefore, it will not be a huge leap to jump from blog filing cabinet to blog portfolio. The traditional portfolio process is supported almost perfectly by Weblogs. First, students collect the work they might want to consider highlighting in their portfolio and then they select those that represent their best work. This can include links to videos, podcasts, presentations, and more, all of which we'll cover in later chapters. They then reflect on the choices they made something they can easily do in a blog post. Finally, they publish the result for others to see. Even more powerful is the idea that these portfolios could conceivably span many grades and many classes (Richardson, 2010, p. 39).

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Entry Seven: Never Ending Writing

Self-enticement to delay, till the 17th day of this month which should have been Entry Seventeen of this project, is still the major factor of why ten days have been wasted for nothing. I really thank Allah that I have two great supervisors who never stop insisting me to finish this project. And now this sentence is starting to sound like 'Acknowledgement' section of a paper :lol:

Today, I pull myself to continue writing. So far I've written about 1,000 words of 13,374. I don't know whether or not this kinda project has minimum or maximum words, but I reckon what I am doing today hasn't my best yet. Then I took a break a while, checking my phones that remain silent *because I set them so*, and one SMS was unread in my primary number. I thought it must be from the cell-operator that frequently send messages to the customers. Surprisingly, it wasn't them. It was one of my supervisors, asking whether or not I have finished writing the thesis. It wasn't his first SMS asking the question. And I feel like a student who procrastinate the project for years for receiving that kinda question at that time :'( Feeling sooo guilty *again and again*

Today I really feel grateful to have the SMS. It opened my eyes and got me up, and made me aware that this vacation project denies all the delays. This project deserves to be paid myriad attention from me. I cannot have reason to keep the lazy bones growing in me. This project does have DEADLINE, and I have to make it on time!

I have 24 hours a day. And I think I am to make the half of it to accomplish the project. What about yours?

Thursday 12 February 2015

Entry Six: Beginner Writer

Having been 'tolerant' with my very own writing schedule and confessed that I am guilty of it, I finally have to get myself up by realizing that guilty is not enough. I must follow it up with an action. Start writing. No matter how awful my writing will be. 

The extra challenging part of doing this writing is the temptation to copy-paste other researchers' sentences in their research paper. I really need to read more and read a lot. As a beginner writer, even for composing only a paragraph is a difficult thing to do for me. I felt like being knock-up when reading others' research paper, their ingenuity in arranging the sentences, the words they choose are just so sophisticated. While mine? Mine is a text-based communication style :'(

Monday 9 February 2015

Entry Five: Vacation Project, Last Day of Online Observation


Alhamdulillah I have finished doing the online observation, the formal one. It means, I observed plus put some notes and captured the participants' Weblogs. I think later on when I start writing the result of this project, I will re-visit their blogs.

Having done all the series of the Chapter 4 pre-writing has arisen my guilty whatsoever. I know this project has no specific deadline, that's why I deadline myself. Unfortunately, I am *oh yes AM STILL* aware that I just can deny the deadline :(((( As an example, instead of just doing the last online observation yesterday, I skipped it, and acted like Sunday is the time to chill out, no project, as if the rest of the days I seriously do have big daily project like everyone else :p

At least I feel guilty, yes? 

Saturday 7 February 2015

Entry Four: Vacation Project, Online Observation Day 2

Isn't it wonderful that a project turns into something you enjoy? Absolutely it is. I think what I wrote on my about.me page represents the situation, that when your job is your passion, then it's very perfect combination. Or yes, just like an exquisite quote from Confucius, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". Day 2 of the online observation has elevated *or re-elevated* my passion of blogging.

I almost forget that the reason I changed my blog url was to keep me blogging. Yet the quantity of the posts in this very blog has been decreasing sooo significantly: 237, 118, 19 from the last three years. Thank God that this project, in the second day of doing the online observation, I realize that blogging is maybe the only passion which can keep me 'alive'. 

Thursday 5 February 2015

Entry Three: Vacation Project - Online Observation Day 1

It has been so long time I didn't actually do blog walking. I used to love doing it, because blog walking means a lot of things. Blog walking means learning from other people's point of view, a training to self-patience, a chance to have new friends, respecting people's choice, and so on. And this project reminisces me to those values. The difference is, when I do blog walking for merely blog walking, no strings attached as I am doing for this project*, I got a lot of bloggers visited and put comments in my posts. Aww, it was also so much string attached :p

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Entry Two: Vacation Project

It's such a big challenge to do this project at this very moment, with so many distractors *which mostly I created myself hiks hiks*. Anyway life must go on. Then I have to force myself to continue this project, and also post this entry two.

So far, I have done with the questionnaires and interview recordings. I have printed them out for the convenience of reading them through. I am now still in progress to divide the text into segments of information, and then collapse the code into themes. Thank God my experience using blog really helps me a lot to sort the things out.

Mostly, the data are in line with the theories I provide in Chapter 2. It should be that way, for sure. Anyway I still need to explore more from Online Observation to triangulate the data. I plan to do it tomorrow.

Okay then. I think I really have to fight myself from any laziness that might provoke me to procrastinate, for last nite I had a dream that one of my lecturer asked me how far I have been doing the project :'((((

So see you tomorrow with next entry.

Monday 2 February 2015

Entry One: Vacation Project

This should not have been entry one, because I am now in the middle of my 'Vacation Project' entitle "A Study of How Students Utilize Weblogs in Developing Writing Skill". Anyway, it just came through my mind last night when I regret the days I procrastinated doing this project. Well then, I think procrastination more won't help, that's why I decide to make this entry, and let's agree this is entry one.

The choice of the topic, I think you all know why, that beside I do not have any class to conduct a Classroom Action Research, I find it is easier to do things that meet our passion. And voila, there came the topic about blog. And Alhamdulillah I could convince my lecturers to accept my research proposal. December 19, 2014 was the day I had the seminar, and I think I am still satisfied with the result :")