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Saturday 10 January 2015

I miss you already

Time goes by, and here I am, at the very moment when I even now miss the moments already. A classroom consists of 16 passionate people, gathering twice in a month every weekend, to enjoy what other people may think as merely studying while we agree to name it as "Vacation".

Recalling the time when I considered whether or not I would enroll my name to the program, and it just feels like yesterday I propose to my husband to let me continue the study. Not for the title behind my name, not for a piece of paper called Master Degree Certificate, but to kill my longing of the moments which generally experienced by those who have accomplished their degree. I missed studying at class, I missed having the deadlines, I missed the 'aha' moments, and so on!

And now that yesterday the classroom vacation has done, I am a hundred percent sure one day I will really miss those moments. It was (and is, because I am still having some deadlines to go haha) very exhausting. Yet it gives me so much fun! Not to mention another funnier activity like hanging out with some friends outside the classroom, especially when we were gathering for having dinner together, sharing stories, laughing for so many things, aih now I miss those stuffs already!

If only the moments are in form of people, I am gonna tell them, "I miss you already". Maybe one day along the days I will spend after finishing all these things, I am gonna hope the moments to open my door and say, "Did you miss me?"