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Tuesday 25 November 2014

We are Home

Almost four years of our marriage, and the more we get together, the more I realize that making me happy is the most of your way to be happy. Because for you, seeing me smiling happily is such a bliss. While people keep asking how many kids we already have, and we keep asking them to pray for us so Allah will let us become parents, none of our days are spent to protest the situation. Because we believe, in Allah’s view, for now on, being only the two of us is even much more complete than what people see from outside of our windows :)

Kinds of waves on the sea of our ship come and go. They don’t make us fall. They make us holding hands so we get closer. And our bonds even get stronger.

Daily I rarely utter the three words which couple normally use to express their affection. While you do every day. I know you know I also feel the way you do even without saying it. That’s why we survive, no? :D

We feel so happy, and we always choose to be happy. Happiness is homemade, and we are ‘home’ for each other :)

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