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Tuesday 15 October 2013

KEy, I love you to the moon and back

This is the transcript of the video I recorded for KEy Anniversary:

KEy 5th Anniv: The Beauty of West Borneo 

I am really extremely sorry for not being able attending the 5th Anniversary which I've planned months ago to come. Indeed I do intend to come there, but unfortunately, my class today is full, from morning till afternoon :(

But as you can see, I did plan to come to KEy Anniversary. I've come to the taylor to have this clothes sewed. So here I am, being here, recording myself to tell you that I still belong to KEy family through this video :)

I really owe you guys a performance to show. I can't give you anything through this video, but please let me tell you why you are now in the right place, in the right community.

I bet you must remember, or at least know, or at the very least once heard a woman named Elisa Yuzar. Rite, Elisa is now in Canada, being a project supervisor for Youth Exchange Program. You know who she is? Well, she now belongs to Excellence English Studio, but she was part of our family, KEy family. The history won't tell us a lie, the history will always tell us the truth that Elisa used to be one of KEy members :) And Elisa, who used to be KEy member is now in Canada.

And she's the first.

The second we have, yes we still have, KEy still has our beloved Kak Siti Hajaroh, an adorable woman whom we'll always miss a lot. I do believe all of you in this room already know that Kak Siti has been in a program to Japan, and now she's in Vietnam for teaching English. Once again, for teaching English. So can you imagine how much my pride to her? A lot of pride. I believe you also must be proud of her too. Even your pride maybe much more than I have to her. Yes we all are proud to have Kak Siti in our family.

And she's the second.

Now let's fly to Turkey, to a city named Istanbul, to a district named Üsküdar. There live a man name Izhan Fakhruzie. I know you know him. Izhan, or some of you call him Bang Oji, has already been to Ohio for IELSP Program. Then he also has been to Germany, for a program related to his study major, engineering. And now he's in Turkey, for postgraduate scholarship. And, this is the most important point, he is still KEy member :)

And he's the third.

The next guy I will mention is Primana Rulyant Hanif. I don't know much actually for exaclty what program he's been to some Asia countries. But it's really a big pride of me, a big pride of us to have him in this community. To Hanif, you can tell the detail about your program which brought you abroad, because you know why? Yes, I will post the script of this video to my blog :p *unfortunately Hanif still hasn't appeared to tell me in what program he was in hehehe*

And hanif is the fourth.

The last but not least, proudly present, our beloved KEy founder, Bang Septian Xepthacular Adinegara who just came back from China. We even still can smell panda through his body :p

Well, do you know why I mentioned those 5 names? Elisa, Kak Siti, Oji, Hanif, and Bang Aan.

Rite. Because they achieve their achievements with one very important thing, one very important mastery: English. Yes, English has seriously become a real bridge to the world for them, besides of course they have a very gigantic willingness and desire to reach their dreams.

So here we are, in a very right place, in a right community to keep improving our English. Here we are, in Khatulistiwa English Community.

Then my question is, who will be the next to prove that English is real a bridge to the world? Who will have the chance to go abroad for free, and directly tell the people around the world about the beauty of West Borneo? Heyy, raise your hand if you think you are one of. Raise your hand if you want to be the next! 

Then I believe, you, yes you! You, you, and you, ah I don't wanna mention your name one by one because you're there just too many. I believe one of you, no, all of you going to be the next to have the chance!

Happy 5th Anniversary, KEy. I love you to the moon and back :*

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