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Sunday 1 September 2013

Vocation, Vacation, Passion

First of all I have to express my big appreciation to one of my great friends who today send me whatsapp, asking me whether or not I am going to be active writing things in my blog. Let's name this guy Izhan Fakhruzie, his real name ;p

Thank you for being my very loyal blog reader, Oji. I hope you will still do it while you are in your journey preparing me a miniatur of bosphorus strait *winkwink*

Then what is the relation between the title and an appraisal to Oji?

Oh, there will be quite close relationship for that.

My response to Oji's question today is actually kind of a plan of mine about stuffs that I am going to publish in my blog. As I posted before, I would be rarely updating my blog. But then in my way of  my'vacation' *oh I will tell this part later*, I almost always choose BLOGGING as my topic to elaborate. Maybe because I think my interest is into blogging. 

Then I remember one verse in Holy Qur'an (61: 3) which says: "Kaburo maqtan 'indallahi an taquulu ma laa taf 'aluun", Great is hatred in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do. Guilty feeling came to my heart very easily. That's why I told Oji that for the near future, I will keep on writing, and publishing it to my blog, but maybe more on the stuffs I do along my 'vacation'.

What's going on with my vacation?

Aha, I told you already too in my previous post :p

I really love the way my lecturer gave us *me + my friends in the classroom* motivation to not let us down and think our something as a burden we should face every twice a month for three days. Instead of making it as a vocation, we should treat it as a vacation.

This one is fully inspired by a quotes my lecturer delivered: "Is your work your vocation — or your vacation? At a time when so many people believe they don’t decide their destinies, you must step up and take control of your future — instead of waiting for things to change." (Anthony Robbins)

As soon as we put a consideration for our job *or our something* as a vacation, we will do every single stuffs related to it sincerely, with full of honesty, no plagiarism, no cheating, without even avoiding a big possibility to have good results.

I wrote in the right side of this blog too, rite? When your job is your passion, then it's a very perfect combination. Voila! Doing passion, while some people see us do a job, but we consider ourselves having vacation. What a wonderful combination :D

Then please please please, people, my blog readers, and my very loyal blog reader who is also my super clever friend Oji *uhuk :p*, let me publish some of the results in my vacation in my blog. Okay? Wookaaay ^^v

And to end this, I'd like to say, have a nice vacation :D

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