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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Confidence and Attitude

I believe we agree that confidence is related to attitude. I always love Bang Aan's sentence which sounds: "Confidence is a must, attitude is a plus."

Then I remember the part of procedure for being KEy Members.

        How to be KEy Members? What is the requirement? Here are the procedures to be the part of KEy Family.
        1. Fill out the "KEy waiting list form" which will be given by KEy Coordinators.   

        2. Come to KEy meeting regularly, 3 times in a row.

        3. Being active along the discussion. Have a good attitude: full respect and not underestimate each other when making mistakes.

        4. Be ready to be interviewed by KEy Coordinators.

        Your commitment, guts, and your liveliness along the process gonna be scored by the coordinators, to be later executed and decided whether or not you are ready to be the new KEy Members.

        Have fun with us. And welcome to KEy!

Do you remember the part I bold? We do. Because we always do. As a family, we respect each other when one of us in the community is making mistakes. And respecting in the situation doesn't mean we just let it go by the board, taking it for granted, not correcting at all, and let you keep on making the same mistakes. Vice versa, one of our way to respect is by correcting the one(s) who make mistake. When a mother still remind her children when her children are doing something wrong, does it mean that there is a love inside? And when you make mistakes while nobody remind us, don't you feel that you are actually being ignored? Consider it well.

That's why, in KEy, and even in our daily life, confidence is a must. We wouldn't be able to mingle with another member if we have no confidence. Shyness isn't a tolerable thing in KEy. If you still have it, another members gonna help you to step by step minimize the shyness. 

And attitude is a plus. 

Confidence minus attitude is just like having a facebook account without any meaningful friends in your friend list. Oh, just think that analogy yourselves :p

I remember a very good sentences which my husband once told me: "If we are having problem with only one person, it could be that person who is the trouble maker. But if we are having problem with a lot of people, it must be WE are the TROUBLE MAKER" :)

Let's check ourselves. Do we have problem with a lot of people? Maybe it's time to give a plus inside us after being really confidence. *winkwink*


  1. lah artinya apa ya ...minta bantuan mbah google untuk terjemahin dech ...salam :-)

  2. Yach mungkin confident merupakan bagian dari attitude kali ... salam.

  3. rasa pecaya diri dan tingkah laku itu sangat berperan..
    apalagi buat urusan cari kerja,,iya gak?? :)

    hadduuh maap lama banget aku bak blog walking mbak,,baru sempet berselancar lagi nih mbak..
    mohon dikasih "power" ya mbak dengan mampir ke EPICENTRUM
    lg ...makasih...^_^