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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Confidence and Attitude

I believe we agree that confidence is related to attitude. I always love Bang Aan's sentence which sounds: "Confidence is a must, attitude is a plus."

Then I remember the part of procedure for being KEy Members.

        How to be KEy Members? What is the requirement? Here are the procedures to be the part of KEy Family.
        1. Fill out the "KEy waiting list form" which will be given by KEy Coordinators.   

        2. Come to KEy meeting regularly, 3 times in a row.

        3. Being active along the discussion. Have a good attitude: full respect and not underestimate each other when making mistakes.

        4. Be ready to be interviewed by KEy Coordinators.

        Your commitment, guts, and your liveliness along the process gonna be scored by the coordinators, to be later executed and decided whether or not you are ready to be the new KEy Members.

        Have fun with us. And welcome to KEy!

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Apa Kabar?

Assalamu'alaikuum :D

Saya sudah memprediksi masa-masa seperti sekarang akan terjadi. Yaitu masa ketika pelan-pelan saya akan mulai tenggelam dan muncul sesekali di blog ini. And here it comes the day. Tampaknya prediksi saya sedang terjadi saat ini.

Tak berminat buka laptop, merasa kurang perlu update blog, sok ngenggres kemana-mana *dan bikin oknum-oknum tertentu jadi roaming wakakakak :p*, gak pernah blogwalking, apalagi komen-komen geje dan OOT ala-ala teman-teman KPK. Somehow believe it or not, I still feel super happy, even happier than before for not doing it :D

Saturday 3 August 2013


Wow, it's already been so far away from The D Day I mentioned xD

My 22nd July has been very amazing and always. Moreover after being a wife of an adorable husband like one I have :p

He gave me the pink-purple pillow with my-cyber-username-almost-in-every-social media I use: @diniehz. Frankly telling you, the way he gave me that wasn't a surprise moment at all. I think my husband isn't really good in managing surprising, or maybe it's just me who have a very strong intuition so he can't give any surprise hehehe. Anyway, his idea to give me that is very surprising. I know he has thought very hard and serious for days or weeks or even months what to endue me in my D day ^^v