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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Take A Break

The government has decide that first Ramadhan 1434 H in Indonesia is July 10, 2013. Which means tomorrow. Welcome, Ramadhan. Have been missing you a lot.

And it seems I will do the same choice as I did in Ramadhan last year: take a break from any activities of blogging and else. Well in fact I have done that these days, even I have no idea that the so-called community named KPK now has already had their own blog and site, and I never visit it yet *grinning* :))

I predict that I won't have more time to do blogwalking as I usually do. For the near future, I'm afraid I will be focus on another things, much more important things. Maybe later I will visit one or two or three blogs of the member, just to say hi :)

Rite then. 

Have a happy Ramadhan. Hope we're gonna be better people than before.


  1. see ya.. :)

    semoga aktivitasnya lancar dan puasa pun lancar :) .

  2. Happy Ramadhan 1434 H...

  3. mengutamakan yang jadi prioritas dalam kehidupan adalah sebuah pilihan,
    selamat menyambut bulan suci Ramadhan, selamat berpuasa, bila ada salah kata, salah perbuatan, salah baca, salah tulis dan salah komentar..mohon dimaafkan lahir dan batin...salam :-)

  4. happy fasting for us...may our fasting this year better than last year, amiin...

  5. happy ramadhan saja yah mbak, mohon maaf lahir batin.

  6. Maaf lahir batin, sering becanda...moga kalau ada salah salah kata, malem ini bisa dilumerkan dengan permohonan maaf dari saya dan keluarga...selamat berpuasa, semoga sehat dan ceria selalu

  7. Met Menjalankan Ibadah Puasa..Semoga full sampe lebaran amin..Semangat ya

  8. happy fasting, happy praying, and sure happy ramadhan. may Allah will always bless you and all family, Mbak. so do I, now reduce BW portion and some activities related to such that. but sometimes visit friends eventhough without KPK's style. hehe...