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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Strategy to Learn English

Learning Strategy

In our beloved country Indonesia, English is still considered as a foreign language. For some people, English is not an easy language to be mastered. As the learners of English, it will not be enough for us to use the ordinary ways in studying it. If we just rely on to the subject that is given by our teacher or lecturer at school, so it will take long time for us to master it. So that, we need some strategies in learning English in order to make us easier in mastering it. There are many kinds of strategies in learning English that we can do, and it brings many advantages for us. Here are some of them:

  • The first is written strategy. We can make some small notes about the important materials in English such as the note about some tenses pattern or the glossary that consist of the vocabularies, complete with the meaning. We can bring that note everywhere we go, so we can read it anywhere and anytime. The result is we can memorize all of the words and sentence structure faster. And then, if we find some new vocabularies or new materials about English, we can directly write it in our small note so we will not forget it. We can also read any kinds of English book to enrich our knowledge, for example, conversation book or writing book. Then we can note some important things that we got from the reading text.
  • The second is the oral strategy. We can practice our speaking by getting involved in a lot of conversation. We can do it at home with our family, or we can talk by ourselves in front of the mirror. We can also practice our speaking at school or college with our friends. Try to talk English as much as we can. So that we can make our speaking more fluent and we will be accustomed to talk English in our daily activity. Besides, listening to the English conversation cassettes may be useful too. We can listen directly to the voice of the native speaker, so we can learn their pronunciation, intonation, stressed, and the rhyme in speaking. After listening to the voice, we can practice our speaking by repeating the sentences that the speakers said.
  • To make our strategies more enjoyable for us to do, we can make the third strategy that is the fun strategy. We can do many enjoyable activities to learn English, such as listening to our favorite English songs, or watching English movies. By doing the fun strategies, we will find the different way that not only can help us to master English but also can make us fun to do it.

By doing all of the strategies, it will be useful to increase our English skills. Our listening, speaking, writing, and reading will be increased faster because we have practice it with some strategies that we can do everywhere. Other supporting skills like vocabulary and grammar will be increased too. We will be able to remember many vocabularies and comprehend grammar more than before.

From all of that information about the learning strategies, we can see that many benefit that we can get. So, learning strategies are important for the language learners to master English effectively. 

Written by: Linda Budiarsih, one of the Gaby members who is counting down the days to her marriage, without her permission because I know she would automatically give the permission :p

I and Linda at Kopma Untan

By the way, tomorrow will be her birthday, and next Sunday (March 25th)  gonna be her marriage :D Happy almost birthday and have a nice wedding  preparation my sweetheart best friend ever, Linda  Budiarsih :*


  1. It's always a great pleasure if I am able to be number 1# on this comment section. I have read this posting, and I am proud of you , Miss Syahdini,in every way.

    You have proved your self capable of completing your first degree in English studies, and you will find lots of opportunities open wide now to welcome a better future.

    One of the unique things on this blogging is about the usage of original picture or photos taken by digital camera. This is also something I am trying to do : using our own original digital photo to enrich our blogging. This could make our blogging is different , distinguish , style and elegant.

    Regarding to the method of learning can be very interesting and challenging. Most of students are afraid of using English out of fear of making mistakes. I make mistakes every day in English, even the foreign student learning English too.

    Remember learning foreign language is interesting, and you must be proud of being part of the world if you are able to understand the language spoken and written.

    Great Posting, and I like it so much

    Asep Haryono
    Blogger/Adsense Publisher/SEO learner

  2. Alhamdulillaah, thanks a lot kang asep, you are too :D

    The first pic is from a site, but the second one was taken with my so-called old handphone loh kang hehe ^.^v

    That's rite kang. Making mistakes in English *and other languages* is a forgivable thing. But to be correct in using it is such a nice thing and fun.

    Thanks again Kang Asep :)

  3. happy b-day linda, happy wedding happy sakinah ever after.. salken dari saia :D

    what a nice post n one more time, congrattt for ur new domain miss aci :)

  4. happy almost wedding too kk..

    *sesungguhnya komen adalah doa.


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