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Saturday 25 February 2012

Butterfly, I love..

Iseng-iseng ngutak atik halaman tumblr yang sudah 2 tahun tak terurus, kemudian cari-cari gambar dengan tag butterfly, saya temukanlah beberapa gambar yang menarik hati. Cukup merefleksikan ketertarikan saya  dengan beberapa hal dan pas dengan isi blog ini tentunya. I loooveeee them all a lot :D

Source: Orainbowo

Let's start today by being a butterfly, as beautiful as butterfly :D 

Source: Sequins

Butterfly in some different languages :D
Source: macaron kisses

One day, I'll go to see the real Eiffel Tower with my very own eyes ^.^

Source: c-oulermescarlet

Butterfly: learning. Learning: reading things. 

Source: fearless-enspire

I feel it as if the butterfly is flying around  the cherry blossom in Japan. I'll be there too one day, Insya Allah ^.^

source: willowstemple

Just like those butterflies, I am free. Free to write things I want to share with you, here in my blog :)

Source: wandering dreamer

Just don't let the things you've learned along your life fading away. Keep it, write it to make it everlasting knowledge.

Jadi, gambar mana yang paling teman-teman suka?


  1. Saya pilih butterfly di akhir postingan. Temanya ada gambar buku buku, sesuatu bangeds dan pas dengan tema blog saya, Buku.

    xixixixxixixiie. Great Posting

  2. saku suka gambar ke enam dear ^^

  3. eh ko saku maksudnya aku, he :)

  4. @kang asep, thank you Kang :)

    @kak vitha, being free from the jar ya kak ^^