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Monday 5 October 2009

Got Award

I just can't really remember well whether or not it's the third I have award from friends. I just can say that previously, I get award a year ago. Then the second award has already written here. An award called: Inspirational Blog Award.

Then just this afternoon, my friend in blogsphere told me that I have an award for re-posting an info about Earthquake in Padang. It is such an amazing thing for me to have this award!! But anyway, although actually I am supposed to distribute this award to some other bloggers, I don't think I will do it. Will it be ok, zoran?

I will just put the logo as I attach below:

Well yeah. Thanks so much for the award. It's my hope that this award will be able to increase the page rank of my blog ;)


  1. wauw...

    mau juga punya award...heheh
    mau nulis yang inspirasional juga...
    memang blognya mbak inspirasi banget..

    singgah ngisi survei ya mbak. ditunggu ^^
    hanya 3 pertanyaan kok. buat kaum anak muda sekarang ^^

  2. @ mbak yayu, monggo mbak.. nulis yang banyak ya hohoh..

    @ soulharmony, trimakasi sudah berkunjung...