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Monday 16 March 2009

White fever, closed...

Well, well. People, temen, kawan, kupuholic *haha, apaapaan ini?!*, still remember this?

Good. Great. Masih kurang ya cokelatnya? Ya dah... ini dikasi...

Nah, ini dia yang paling special...

Dialah potongan cokelat pertama yang saya makan, pada pukul 11 malem, segera setelah cokelat ini saya bekukan selama 5 menit di kulkas ^_^.

Wolrait. The episod is closed a while. Can't wait for the answered-puzzle, for this really creamy yummy sweet white-chocolate-taste wonderful life. Thanks a lot, my so-called mysterious brother ^_^. Thanks for being priceless puzzle of my life. I luph the chocolate hehe.

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