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Sunday 30 November 2008

Enjoying Hard Rock Festival

I and Dorina at the Hard Rock Festival
Photo taken by: Theo

GREAT! Yesterday nite was my very first time enjoying hard rock music!

I actually had not really serious intention to watch the festival. I just wanted to invite my friends: Dorina, Sina, and Matias who come from Germany, to watch BHRF XIV. I planned myself to pick them up to Borneo Tribune office with my friends, then carried them up to the venue of BHRF. But the schedule was changed since Dorina sent me sms, told me that they were gonna have a meeting, and then they would go to Auditorium Untan straight away after the meeting. Thanks God, I said in heart. I was really exhausted, so much tired yesterday since I just had less than 3 hours sleeping to conduct another event which my lecture *Mr. Albert Rufinus, who is now my Supervisor of my thesis* believed me to handle: Akeelah and the Bee, Book Launch and Spelling Bee Competition.

But that nite was so wonderful. Besides accompanying Dorina, Sina, and Matias, and also Kak Dwi from Borneo Tribune, I had my memory back in BHRF last nite. When I was the first semester student of English Study Program in Tanjungpura University, I was requested to be the MC of BHRF 2005. I, surely, then accepted the offering from my senior, bang Tan Hardimansyah. Sincerely being the MC at that moment, but really I couldn’t enjoy the hard rock music as much as I enjoyed it last nite! Yesterday was my very first time to enjoy the music after seeing the second contestant showed their performance!

One thing that I really wonder is: the voice of the hard rock band vocalist. It seems that most of them have almost the same character of voice. They have good voice(s?), and I think their ways in screaming *maybe not scream, but since the genre of music that they sing is hard rock so I think they are screaming* is really same which makes me think: their voice is equal. Sure, theirs are not.

The other thing that I also just knew is the way for enjoying hard rock music. I knew it from my new friend, Bang Abun. He sat besides me, then we made friend at that very nice moment last nite. I was curious why he closed his ears when watching one of the finalists performed. He explained me that it is the way to enjoy every single harmony of the music: how the bass is played, how the guitarist explore the instrument, as well the pronunciation of the vocalist. I got one new friend and a little musical information which I had no idea before, last nite! Really wonderful Saturday nite :).

Thursday 27 November 2008

Kura-Kura Beach

Feels like a model :p

Cape, tapi seneng juga. Saya barusan pulang dari survey lokasi untuk ESA On Tour, kegiatan kampus. Skalian juga, survey ini saya jadikan ajang untuk observasi dan laporan untuk terbit di halaman English Day on Tribune sabtu ini. Begini laporan saya:

Just need to count down couple of days after today, we’re going to have long holiday enough to spend. One more wonderful place is recommended to you for spending your precious holiday. It’s Kura-Kura Beach.

When noticing the name of the beach, you may think that you will find turtle loitering around the beach. Well, actually it should be so. The manager of the beach, Charlie Robertson and Siska Robertson claimed that the beach is named Kura-Kura since turtles stopped over the beach, and then they laid eggs there. Anyway, when we observed the beach on Thursday (27/11), we found no turtles there. So, we suggest you to change your primary purpose if your want to come to the beach just to look for the turtles or merely play with them.

One side of Kura-Kura Beach

There are many stones in Kura-Kura Beach

It seems that the beach is less of touch of decoration. But that’s the thing which make the beach doesn’t lose the feel of its natural atmosphere. The beauty of the beach is the most important thing to make it fascinating to visit by local and foreign tourist. People are still able to feel the environment ‘virgin’ of the beach which is located in Tanjung Gundul, Bengkayang Regency. However, if you maybe want to spend days and night at the beach, you still need to bring, at least, your own sleeping bag or your tent because there is no inn or hotel near the beach. No need to worry about the security. Ibu Iin and his husband who live close to the beach and take care for catering for their costumers who usually spend holiday in the beach said that Kura-Kura Beach is secure enough as one of camping destination. “The security is okay here."

Can’t wait to go there? Get your car or motorcycle now! It just takes 3 hours to reach the beach. From Pontianak to Tanjung Gundul, we will travel for about 110 kilometers. If you start your travel from Singkawang, it just takes 15 kilometers to go to the beach. You maybe will have a bit difficulty to find the gate to come in to the beach. The sign for you for not missing the place is the sign “Pantai Alam Indah” in front of the beach. After that, go through your way 3 kilometers more to reach the beach which is located behind the small hill. Have a nice vacation! (dhz)

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Meeting canceled! (again)

I wonder how to utter my feeling on this: again and again, the meeting was canceled, because of some other executive board members couldn't make the meeting, and they gave no confirmation!

Do you know, people, that I made my day special for the meeting?

Do you know, people, that I let myself free for this half day to conduct the meeting?

Do you know, people, that I let myself spend my money for having my lunch outside out of my daily lunch-budget with my so-called bestfriend for having ontime meeting?

Why should it be canceled, and replaced to another day? Again, and again! I do hate this much!

I realize, and very notice that I am not the person in charge for the organization. I am merely ordinary member, who maybe never that important for the organization. I maybe was and even am still considered as the main board member of the organization who has not much contribution for the organization, well let's say so, though I've tried to hold an event name English Pintar. But the cancellation of the meeting *it is Pleno Meeting* for the improvement of the organization shouldn't be anymore! I was totally annoyed about this.

I have made my friend, the operator of Volare -bang Pandy-, spent his day on being the operator for the program I conduct every Tuesday, English Teletalk. The program is actually a program which I broadcast for the organization, for the fame of the organization. But considering that the pleno meeting is much more important than 'merely' having the broadcasting which people in the board may will think that I am so much egoist for making my broadcasting time as the priority, then I prefer to have the program recorded, then asked bang Pandy to handle the operation. It's been so many times I made him spend his time for my own sake of the organization!

Really, I have no other idea what to say more about this. Pending, and pending, and always pending. Seems to be there's no more commitment inside the member, but saying it is also an underestimating action for the other who didn't come. Confusing.

Me and My Rival (+)

Barangkali, teman-teman yang rajin ikut perkembangan postingan blog saya *caelah*, barangkali masih inged sama postingan saya yang ini. Tentang cinta kepada musuh. Yeah, judulnya aja Musuhku, Je t'aime. Apa maksut yang tersembunyi di balik postingan saya tahun lalu itu juga bermakna sama dengan postingan kali ini? Yeah, baca aja sendiri nyehehehe.

Waaah, ada kata je t'aime di sini! Dah lamaaaaaa banged rasanya saya ga maen-maen sama kata itu. Sebuah kata yang sempat membuat saya pusink ga pentink! Dan kali ini pun, kayaknya saya ga mau terlalu merepotkan diri dan menghilangkan kebebasan otak untuk berotasi pada porosnya dengan membiarkan logika saya melompat kian kemari tak terkontrol pasti. Cukup, simpan dalam hati ;)

Lalu, apakah maksut dari postingan kali ini? Siapa lagi musuh saya? Siapa Rival saya?

Apakah kali ini saya mencintai seorang musuh lagi?

Hmm, salah tuh pertanyaannya. Harusnya, pertanyaan yang duluan muncul adalah:
"Apakah sekarang saya sedang punya musuh?", atau "Apakah sekarang sedang ada yang memusuhi saya terang-terangan?"

Alhamdulillah, sepertinya saya sedang tidak merasa punya musuh, dan sedang tidak merasa dimusuhi oleh siapapun secara terang-terangan. No rival, but yes I think I have one Rival (+). What do I mean by stating Rival (+)

*ayoooo, jangan langsung mengarahkan telunjuk pada satu wajah yaaaa haha*

Well, thing that I mean by Rival (+) here is my very own and very real enemy, real rival, it is myself, exactly is my desire, more exactly is my uncontrolled desire! Yeah, that's the real rival of mine! My so-called stupid and silly emotion!

Tahun lalu, saya pernah menulis resolusi. Resolusi nomor 2 yang berbunyi: Emosi berlebihan. Please din, lebih cerdas control emosi. Ada saatnya ketika kamu boleh keluarkan emosi kamu. Cerdaslah memilih tempat untuk keluarkan emosi. Kurangi rasa terlalu ingin memiliki yang berlebihan, posesif. Yeah, sepertinya sudah agak berkurang belakangan ini. Berkat bantuan sahabat saya, Dita, berhasil membantu saya untuk mengurangi sifat satu ini. Makasih kawan!

My next rival (+) are the rests 3!. Egois, ya rasanya masih agak sedikit. Tidak mendengarkan, masih ada juga, karena pernah sampe berantem di kantin gara-gara ga dengerin sahabat saya ;), trus arogan uwm kayaknya masih ada deh. Aduwh, saya ngomongnya masih suka ninggi. Help. Gimana ya ngilangin yang 3 ini?

Anyway, sahabat saya beneran banyak membantu meminimalisir bersemayamnya my rival (+) di diri saya. Saya sudah bisa merasakan, beberapa fluktuasi signifikan *ciah, bahasanya* di dalam diri saya. Sebuah degradasi sifat-sifat yang memang tak saya harapkan keberadaannya. Terima kasih, kawan. Luph yu, really ^_^

Sunday 16 November 2008

“I luph to be in my own class…”

Avoiding my blog to be empty, as one of my blogging-friend claimed me that I seemed to be that busy for having no time to conduct new post in my blog -though actually I was not busy, just losing some good mood, anyway- so, I prefer now to post some of my writing for publishing in media: Lingua Franca.

Lingua Franca is Bulletin in my campus, Tanjungpura University, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, and since three or four years ago has been handled by English Student Association. I am, as the recent secretary of the organization, also asked by the editor, one of my friend -Feriza Yudha- to also write (again) for the Bulletin, the same column: Student's Talk.

In my previous writing, I wrote about Moving Chair, here and there. Now, in the next edition of Lingua Franca *I still wonder when Reza will make it complete and get it to be interesting bulletin*, I get interested to talk about Choosing our own Class. The phenomenon actually has been popular in my campus since I was in the second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, and even now seventh. The class-choice is still a hot issue to talk about in my campus. That's why, since the column's name is Students' Talk, so I had a bit talk with some of English Department students about the case. Here is my report...

Do you still remember in what class you were when being high school student? In class A, B, C, D, or even E? Whatever class you were from, we believe you didn’t choose the class by yourself, did you? You had been set up to occupy the class, be a good ‘citizen’ of your classroom, and you were also OK about it.

Now, when you have been college students, will you still be OK to be set up for the class? Or, you tend to love choosing your own class for every semester you will be in campus?

Let’s check out what students say for this…

Frans Aji Muda Akbar, Media Covered and Networking Staff, ESA Member 2007
“I prefer to choose my own class. Choosing our own class means giving space for us in choosing the lectures who are going to teach us. I’m sure we can enjoy in learning when we can choose the lecture by ourselves”

Rivall Rinaldi, ESA member 2005
“I agree if our class is set up by our Head of Study Program. When we have been set up to fill in certain class, it can minimize the social jealousy among students. There is tendency, when some students can have the class based on their willingness, the other students will be jealous of it. So, I believe, to minimize the jealousy, setting up for the class is one of the solutions”

Rahmi Widiyanti, ESA member 2008
“For this beginning, I am ok to be set up to fill in certain class. I am now in class B of English Study Program. That doesn’t really matter because I am still new student here. I still have no idea about the character of the lecturers who teach me. Anyway, I hope, for the next semester, I can choose my own class so I can attend the class of the lecturers that I want them to teach me”. (dhz)

Well now, what about you, friends, bloggers, mpers, and all who just stop by to read this? Which one do you prefer? Choosing your very own class, or keeping on silent obeying your lecture -or your head study program- to be set up for the class?


Noticing the phenomenon in our environment, we once could feel surprise when realizing that almost all learners in our city have no big intention for writing. Let's see the fact first. As we know, in language, there are 4 skills that the learners have to master. They are writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Our government, for the examination of language, put 2 skills in the set of questions: reading and listening both English and Indonesia. Reading and listening are receptive skill, while speaking and writing are productive skill.

It could be one of the factors why the learners seem to be lazy to write. They are not really demanded to produce something of their ideas. However, we actually can't really blame the government for this case. Personal motivation also takes part. “I don't really like writing. I prefer reading than writing”, said Fika, one of FKIP Students. “Sometimes, it's a bit hard for me how to start writing,” she added.

Well, the problem then is about beginning how to write. However, even after we know how to start writing, we are also demanded to have habit of writing. Without this, we will still have no willingness to write. Site writeitdone.com shared some steps to create writing habit. Check them out!

1. Set your habit in writing. If you don't commit to creating this habit on paper, you aren't really committed to forming the habit. If you want to form the habit, you have to be fully committed. Not on the edge, not “I'm going to try”, but “I'm really going to do this.” And you have to write it down, and post it somewhere you'll see it. What is your habit going to be, specifically? When and where and for how long and what will you do? Write it down.

2. Do it daily at the same time, with a trigger. It's best if you have a certain time of the day to start writing. I prefer early mornings, but you might like lunchtime, or right before bed. Just be sure it's a time that won't be pre-empted by other activities -- if you often get called into meetings in the late afternoon, for example, don't make that your writing time (unless you have the power to skip the meetings -- then by all means, do so!).

Just as important as having one time for writing is having a trigger. What's a trigger? It's the event that sets off your habit. For example, when I used to smoke, I had a number of triggers: I would smoke upon waking, when stressed, after a meeting, etc. When I wanted to change that habit, I had to change each trigger so that I had a new habit to replace smoking. Upon waking, for example, I would exercise instead. To create a new habit, you need to strongly associate your habit with a trigger. For example, let's say you want to write in the morning -- you might awake, use the bathroom, make your coffee, and then start writing. So making coffee is the trigger for writing, and using the bathroom is the trigger for making coffee, and waking is the trigger for using the bathroom. And as you wake every day, you have no problem. Choose a trigger that you know you'll do every day, and then do your writing right after it, without exception.

3. Commit yourself to others. As I said above, it's crucial to be fully committed to forming this habit. To do that, it's best to not make it a private thing, but to commit yourself publicly. Tell your family and friends, your co-workers, put it up on your blog, post to an online forum. Tell them exactly what you're going to do, and promise to report to them on a regular basis (see No. 6 below). This public commitment will give you the motivation you need to stay on track.

4. Put complete focus on it for one month. One of the keys to forming a new habit is focus. If you place your full focus on forming that habit, you're likely to succeed (especially in combination with the other tools on this list). If you are trying to create a bunch of new habits at once, your focus will be diffused. Don't fall into this common but tempting trap. Really give all your focus and energy to forming this new writing habit.

5. Find your motivations. What are your reasons for doing this? What motivates you to sit down and write? What will keep you motivated when you don't feel like writing? Knowing your motivations is important -- and it's best to write them down

6. Log it and be accountable. It's important to keep a log of your new habit. That could be as simple as putting a red “X” on each day on your calendar that you wrote. It can be a spreadsheet where you log the time and date, with notes. It could be a goals tracker. Or you could put it on your blog -- just a short entry each time you write, or a little note in your sidebar. Online forums are great ways to do this. However you do it, log consistently and immediately after you do the habit. And then share your log with the public somehow, even if it's just with family and friends. You need to have that public accountability.

7. Set rewards. Rewards are great motivators. Do them more often in the beginning: give yourself a small reward after the first day, and the second, and the third, then after one week, then two weeks, then three, and finally after one month. Make a list of these rewards before you start, so you can look forward to getting them.

8. No exceptions. The more consistent you are with your habit, the more ingrained it will be. You want the habit to be very strongly associated with your trigger, so that each time the trigger happens, the habit happens. This is what makes it a habit. If the trigger happens, and sometimes the habit doesn't, then you're not really forming a habit. So, while it's not good to beat yourself up about mistakes, it's best to tell yourself, “No exceptions!” Because one exception often leads to a second, and then a third. It's like telling yourself, “Just one cigarette!” If you don't feel like writing today, tell yourself very firmly: “No exceptions!”
What happens if for some reason you screw up and miss a day? Well, don't beat yourself up about it. Just analyze it and figure out why you missed a day, and find a solution so it doesn't happen again. Then keep going. It may take a little longer to form the habit, but if you don't allow exceptions from that point on, you should be OK.

9. Find inspiration. The best motivation is inspiration, in my book. When I'm forming a new habit, I like to read about others who've been successful. I'll read books and magazines and websites and blogs on the topic. Do the same with writing -- find inspiration, but just don't let the reading get in the way of the writing.

10. Make it fun. Above all, if the habit isn't fun in some way, you'll lose motivation over time. It's one thing to try to be “disciplined” but in the end, it's motivation that matters. You can't force motivation. So find a way to make it fun, either by playing some great music while you write, or having a cup of tea or coffee while you do it, or writing with tools you love.

Tuesday 4 November 2008

0,1 syndrome

Anda memiliki 9 sms 0,1 pada pukul 00.00-12.00 dan 96 sms 0,1 pada pukul 12.00-24.00.

Kurang lebih begitu bunyi balesan pesan waktu saya tekan *389#. Menyedihkan. Dibudakin sama free sms, yang sebenernya malah ga free melainkan penganiayaan jempol sekaligus pembelajaran tentang pemborosan. Yeah, gimana nggak. Setelah pengalaman sekitar setahun lalu yang akibat sms menyebabkan hape saya rusak, sekarang masa harus ngalamin kejadian yang sama? Jangan sampe rusak lagi. Sumpah, belum sanggup beli hape baru pake duit sendiri.

Sebenernya, bukan sekedar perkara hape rusak atau jempol pegel sih, nggak. Sama sekali nggak. Alhamdulillah hape saya yang kali ini cukup tahan banting untuk di otak atik, dibolak balikin gonta ganti kartu. Switching from my primary SIMpati number to IM3, dah hampir setiap hari. Malahan belakangan menjadi 2x sehari. Menyedihkan. Seharusnya punya hape 1 lagi yak? Weleh, mana duitnya? Hehe kasian amat. Saya lagi nungguin orang beliin hape. Katanya tunggu punya penghasilan trus punya banyak saving. Amien, smoga cepet berpenghasilan yah *ikhlas loh ini doainnya, serius!*

Sepertinya saya terkena sindrom 0,1. Sebuah sindrom yang muncul pada pukul 11 siang sampai 11 malam, lalu berlanjut dari 11 malam sampai 11 siangnya lagi. Habisin seribu rupiah dulu untuk 10x sms, lalu dapet 100 sms 0,1/sms. Jelang waktu smsnya abis, baru sayanya yang bingung mau dibuang kemana smsnya. Walopun kadang ada temen untuk habisin sms, tapi pas lagi ga ada, bingung sendiri juga. Mau ngirimin sms taujih, misalnya, ato sms berisi kalimat motivasi, kayaknya stok udah dipake di hari-hari sebelumnya. Orang-orang yang dikirimi sms juga yang itu-itu aja. Inboxnya sampe kepenuhan sama sms-sms saya hoho.

Untungnya ya, 100 sms ini, walopun harus diabisin dalam jangka waktu sangat singkat dan ga bisa ditabung buat besok-besok, bisa ngesms ke semua operator. Cuman, ya itu dia. Kalo saya ngsms ke operator lain, trus smsan sama temen *Dita* yang pake kartu dari operator beda, kasian dianya. Saya ngsms cuman 0,1/sms, dianya ngsms 150/sms. Weleh. Sedangkan temen saya yang pake kartu operator 0,1/sms seperti saya, terbilang sedikit. Ada siy, cuman ga biasa aja smsan sama mereka.

Akibat sindrom 0,1 ini juga, usaha untuk menghilangkan kebiasaan smsan sambil bawa motor, alias smsan pas lagi di jalan raya, jadi sedikit terhalangi. Kemaren-kemaren, saya sedikit berhasil menekan keinginan untuk ngecek-ngecek inbox pas lagi bawa motor. Eh, gara-gara program 0,1/sms ini saya jadinya memunculkan kembali kebiasaan berbahaya itu. Duh, kapan abisnya ya itu program? Apakah kalo nanti program itu usai, intensitas sms saya sama temen saya masih terus berlanjut? Haha. Stupid question, dan ga penting.

Saturday 1 November 2008

Mengenai sahabat (lagi, lagi)

Belakangan, saya merasakan gejolak aneh tapi membahagiakan mampir ke dalam kehidupan saya. Kenapa saya bilang aneh? Gejolak aneh itu adalah kedekatan saya lagi dengan seorang sahabat lama, yang sekarang menjadi jauh lebih dekat daripada dulu saat saya bersahabat dengan dia. Gejolak itu aneh, tapi beneran bikin saya senang. Rasa aneh itu sebenernya muncul lebih karena sahabat saya ini memang orangnya aneh: sering bales sms orang sambil tidur nyehehe *peace, taaa*.

Iyeap, setelah postingan saya yang di sini, di sini, dan di sini, kali ini saya pengen lagi eksprersikan rasa cinta saya untuk sahabat saya yang sangat saya *uhuk uhuk* sayangi. Seorang sahabat yang begitu mengerti saya, seorang sahabat bernama Dita Wulandari.

Kedekatan saya sama Dita, seperti yang saya paparkan sebelumnya, sebetulnya sudah terjadi sejak kami di semester awal kuliah dulu. Waktu itu, kita berempat: Saya, Rena, Elisa, dan Dita. Saya dulunya jauh lebih dekat dengan Rena dibandingkan dengan Elisa dan Dita. Deket juga sama mereka, cuman ga sedeket saya sama Rena dulu.

Hingga akhirnya serentetan kisah terjadi dalam persahabatan kami berempat. Rena yang tak disangka menikah di semester 4. Dita yang 'terpaksa' harus bekerja keras ketika kami duduk di semester 4 dan lantas malah meninggalkan kuliah. Elisa, yang tak disangka ternyata mendapat kesempatan untuk ikut program pertukaran pemuda ke Canada. Saya sendiri, tidak berdinamika apa-apa, selain seperti yang saya ceritakan di sini. Kuliah saya lancar. Ngelamar beasiswa belon berhasil-berhasil juga. Kerja, tapi tak tinggalkan kuliah *hehe, balak kan aku ta kikikik*. Dan belum ada yang melamar saya sehingga saya tetaplah Dini yang menjadi mahasiswi berbakti menduduki bangku kuliah hingga jelang semester akhir ini.

Lalu, bagaimana kisah kami berempat? Ya itu. Rena skarang dah punya anak 1. Elisa skarang masih di Canada. Dita skarang lagi jatuh cinta, dan semakin deket sama saya. Awal kedekatan kami adalah: nonton ESA tanding futsal. Saya inget, waktu itu Dita pas ga ada kelas, hari Jumat. Sebenernya ga ada rencana mau nonton futsal. Hanya mau ditraktir makan lamongan aja. Tapi, karena hari itu adalah hari perdana ESA tanding futsal, maka saya ajak Dita sekalian buad nonton. Eh, ternyata bisa.

Dari situ, saya sama Dita makin intim deh. Tiap malem mesti cerita kisah-kisah gila kami dengan orang-orang yang kami gilai dan menggila-gilai kami. Macem-macem dah. Saya ngerasa kayak orang jatuh cinta aja *hueks, ini hiperbola, kawan!*. Dita, punya beberapa sifat yang kadang bikin saya agak merinding: nyium saya. TENANG, Dita normal. Saya dah ngeliad langsung kok buktinya kikikik. Trus, Dita tipikal perempuan pekerja keras. Sangat baik dan tidak pernah pelit. Ga pernah nagih utang! Makanya, kalo mo ngutang, sama Dita aja. Nanti biar saya yang nagih hehe. Yang pasti, Dita sangat bersedia berbagi dan mendengarkan cerita-cerita saya. Seperti saya pun, sangat senang mendengar cerita-cerita Dita.

Yeah, sungguh. Setelah berbagi cerita, berbagi rasa, berbagi kesedihan dan semuanya sama Dita, saya merasa beban yang nggerendelin saya beberapa minggu belakangan agak sedikit terangkat. Ringan. Jauh lebih ringan. Rupanya, teori para psikolog tentang pentingnya teman sharing: 100% benar. Selama ini, saya hanya sharing segala macem cerita lewat laptop ini, dibekali password. Di blog, yea implisitly saya bagi-bagi. Sharing sama Allah, itu pasti.

Anyway, sharing dengan seorang sahabat yang begitu paham apa masalah kita, bersedia mendengarkan, bersedia juga berbagi tentang cerita-ceritanya dengan kita, sangatlah menyenangkan. Dan ini terjadi pada saya dan Dita. Adalah sebuah gejolak membahagiakan yang membuat saya mendapat semangat baru untuk hidup di dunia ini, saat mengetahui bahwa Allah anugerahkan pada saya seorang sahabat yang benar-benar MEMAHAMI saya, apa adanya saya, bukan saya ada apanya. Begitu bahagia ketika menyadari bahwa saya pun, bosa MEMAHAMI dia, apa adanya dia, bukan dia ada apanya.

Yeah, begitula Dita. Dita yang skarang mulai merintis semangat dari awal, kuliah dari semester pertama di Ekstensi FKIP Bahasa Inggris. Dita yang sekarang menomorsatukan kuliah, menomorduakan pekerjaan, dan menomortigakan urusan asmara. Sebuah pelajaran berharga yang saya coba terapkan, sambil belajar mencari klik, dengan tetap memprioritaskan urusat akhirat di atas segalanya, Insya Allah.

Iya ya ta? Akhirat tetap teratas!