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Wednesday 2 July 2008

20 days to, and still not well

The D day now can be counted by our fingers, hand and foot. 20 days to the D day, ladies and gentlemen! And I am still in my not-well feeling! Did I also feel the same way before the previous July?

I do not check, do not want to. I fluctuate my own feeling again. Really nice, in fact, to see that we actually the people who are able to do that. We are the boss of our feeling. We are holding the remote control of our emotion. So, it's really in our hand whether we want to press the 'labile button' or do not want to leave the 'stable button'.

Various kinds of feeling come to me recently. Lately seems that I choose a feeling of un-stable, or it just run on since I am actually an un-stable one? I don't know. I feel that I was patient enough in facing a reality that the exclusivity does still exist inside those people. I do not want to say it's not fair, really. But I feel that it is really unfair! So MUCH...

What happen to world? Is it the real setting from HIM? Or it's me who can not take the best setting for granted? The second must be the answer. I am not sincere enough to admit that I am still arrogant to face the fact. KILL ME, please...

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