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Wednesday 12 March 2008

Justice in Campus

Justice is defined as fairness: fairness or reasonableness, especially in the way people are treated or decisions are made. Well, some people often say that they are not treated fair. It happens in every part of life, even in Education word. Today edition, we are ready going to talk about justice in campus; the place where maybe we can find so many not fair treatments both from lecturers to student and from student to lecturers.

Let’s start from the daily activity in campus. Based on the schedule, a class should start at 7.30 and end at 09.00, for example. Well, as you know that most of Indonesian people are not accustomed to be discipline. Hmmm, sometimes it is tolerated. That students are not allowed to come late, that is really no wonder, right! But why are lecturers no problem for coming late? Is it fair? Some people say that it’s just normal when lecturers come late for the class. No problem because maybe lecturers have another agenda to do outside and make them come late. Well, what do you think, students? And also lecturers?

Now we go to the middle of semester. In this period, some of lecturers have the students to do some assignments, and collect it in the middle of semester –and some in the end of semester or in the day of final examination--. At the time of submitting the assignments, some ‘wicked’ students couldn’t handle their assignments well so that they have to beg to the lecturer to tolerate them of their lateness. Some firm lecturers will say no about that and they don’t want to know whatever happens, students must be on time submitting the assignment! Then, the problem is where we can find some lecturers give a very sweet pardonable for the ‘wicked’ students about their lateness in submitting the assignment –I don’t say that the lecturers are not FIRM!--. Is it fair for the other students who submit their assignment ON TIME?

Oke, now we go to the last semester, the time when the lecturer ‘judges’ the mark, the score for the students, whether they get A, B, C, D, or E or even NO MARK for what they have learnt for one semester. As students, do you think that you are treated fair about the score? Do you know how they score yours? Or do you think students don’t have to know about this?

What’s in your mind about justice? How justice should be? If you are college students, do you think that you have been treated fair/just? When you were a college student, were you treated fair? If yes, how they treat you? And if not, in what part do you think you’re treated unfair? How do you make yourself to be comfort when you are in unfair situation? What would you do?

Other things that usually are not fair in campus are:

- Sharing scholarship (for smart poor, smart rich, not smart poor, or not smart rich?)

- Lecturers’ present (students pay for being taught and got knowledge, how about the lecturers who often absent? Is it fair?

- else

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