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Sunday 23 September 2007

Fuctuated Feeling (revised)

Life is running like clockwork!
Among confusing, exciting, disappointed, unintended,
Unconditioned but predictable adoration are situated.
They all come at once. Fluctuate this feeling indeed.

My Lord, the greatest God,
Maybe this soul is just too tired.
I think this soul does need important thing name AFFECTION.
Even from myself. Oneself as well.
I am willing to get an extra ordinary affection in the right place.
I need to love me. Make it enjoy
Make me feel that I am valuable
I am priceless enough as human being
I am still a woman who still exists
In this clockwork running life!

That’s why, my Lord…
Send me one to lie down
To let out this frown
To astonish me that I also need my head to put a crown

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