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Saturday 11 August 2007

and again

Believe it or not, I AM LISTENING Buble, again!

But I will not talk about Buble, I will talk about feeling of hatred that’s been disappeared step by step, as I am also gonna DO IT step by step*you, who know me well, know IT well!*. Yeah, this anger a bit disappears since I don’t need to meet them-who-are-potential-making-that-feeling-EXISTS!

Today, I do really hope and pray to Allah, in order to make my dreams come true *so many dreams of mine that HE has granted, but seems that I were not thankful about that, yea?*. Hopefully, my ambition *because it is not only a dream* will come true. I wish to teach in one of the best institution in Pontianak, and I think, today I see that I have a bit chance to get it. Well, it’s actually not about leaving my older place of growing ability *that place, if you know that I had problem about POLITENESS, they thought so*, but it is much more because I think I need a bit changing in my career.

So, will I make an application? Or will I wait for any calling? Or will I just stuck and look and see and feel and stay there, and play? Let’s see, just based on GOD’S DECISION… Time is going on.

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