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Friday 27 July 2007

Welcome Back!

OK, seems so long I disappear *4 days, is it long?* from this nice pages, makes me miss myself again. I declared myself to one of my LOVELY STUDENTS that I love writing! At first, I said that I don’t love it. I said that I love speaking *as one of 4 skills in English, of course* since I am the instructor. It appears because when I asked her to choose whether she wanted to tell her daily activity orally or writtenly *is it correct, writtenly?*, she preferred to speak it, not write it. Actually that was not an answer that I hoped. But considering that she is the only student tonight *private student*, so I let her to choose it. Well, it also made me easier to teach, actually.

Why that wasn’t the answer that I hope? Yes, because I want her to be able in writing, also. As I feel in me today, I think that I’m a bit helped by what I can do. Thanks God. It’s not the biggest that I have, but YOU have what I call as the biggest!

Running 4 days ago, I feel them –the days- as so nice activity to share with. After having some gifts from people who love me *eventhough they who did not give any gifts also do LOVE me much*, I started to see me as a woman whom they love, they need, and they hope to be on earth. Moreover, after I was crowned as ---that--- I call it m.a.n.a.g.e.r!

Just about a day or couple days ago, I successfully delivered my claim to my not-suck-boss-anymore. Frankly speaking, I wonder how I could not admire him *my boss who is not suck more* because I succeed recommending my trustworthy friends to join and feel how nice to have boss like him. But on the way of that having fun working and having the nice boss, something out of my mouth *means also out of my prediction and speculation* happened! It hurted my friends, automatically it did to me also!

Well, as the not-suck-anymore-boss told me what actually my task as manager is: to be the ‘bridge’ between him as the director and my friends as the instructors about many things that he thinks I can handle, and so on, actually before being manager, I also did it! After crowning formally to be t-h-a-t, I will try hard to make a good atmosphere in the company where I will be the manager! *HAH? Manager?*.

I still can’t believe it!

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