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Wednesday 1 August 2007


Well, it’s nite now. Today actually should be very nice because of my students. But, just right at this evening a-person-inside the place where I teach for more than a year *exactly a year 3 months* made me want to kick her out and trash her face as she is a real B^^^H in this world! Yes, she is. I hate her so much, more than I hate everyone before tonight. *Hmm, thanks God I’m a bit relax now by listening to my Buble, my Everything*.

Just imagine, a pride and happiness that I have built with my students today *this afternoon is my first time teaching in my school, the place where I was the student* must go away and change to be so BAD just because of VERY BAD WOMEN named A*N*A, the suck ANA!

Why is she so stupid?

Because she said that I was wrong to compare about payment in HER institution to the other institution.

Who stupid then?

Proudly present, of course she is! She can’t manage HER institution well. She didn’t think for what reasons I compared HER institution to the others.

Why did I compare the procedure of payment?

Yes, because since at first I joined to HER institution *not belongs to HER actually, because she is too stupid to handle an institution till she could have problem with me*, there’s no clear rules and clear procedure about this. I still believe that SHE is STUPID.

Howh, I am really sorry to say that SHE *the SUCK ana* is stupid. Of course, she is not stupid, but she is VERY STUPID and IDIOT! I am totally get mad and fed up about THIS. But I WILL NOT RESIGN from the institution. That just makes her satisfied of my decision. And I a hundred percent will not make her feel as a winner, because an idiot woman like her doesn’t deserve to WIN.

Oh ywesh, once again I would like to say sorry to say that she *the SUCK ana* is very stupid and idiot. She is just a GOLD DIGGER actually. She maybe thinks that I want to get HER money by working in the institution! Hoooowh, if she thinks so, means that now she got TRIPLE STUPIDITY. Even she can’t read what I write here. Ooowh, means that now she got TRIPLE + 1 stupidity *what is the fourth call? I dunno*.

Beberapa poin yang harus diperhatikan mengenai permasalahan ini adalah:

1. Bahwa #the suck ana# berkata, ”Sayangnya Dini membandingkan masalah fair tidak fair ini dengan lembaga lain”. Nah, dia jelas sangat bodoh ya?

Mengapa dia bodoh?

Pertama, karena dia ternyata tidak mengerti masalah persaingan dan kompetisi antar perusahaan.

Kedua, karena dia ternyata dengan rasa tidak bersalah menzalimi saya dengan mengambil bagian lebih banyak sedangkan yang bekerja langsung ke lapangan bukanlah dia tetapi saya. Itu menunjukkan bahwa tingkat kecerdasannya sangat dipertanyakan, hmmm mungkin setara dengan manusia-manusia bodoh yang suka menzalimi rakyat kecil.

Ketiga, karena dia punya memori yang sangat buruk dan menjadikan apa yang dia lupa dan dia tidak bisa tangkap sebagai kambing hitam kejadian kali ini.

Keempat, karena dia berkata bahwa hal tidak fair yang saya alami adalah bagian yang sudah ditetapkan dari lembaga, sedangkan sejak awal saya masuk ke lembaga yang TIDAK DIA PIMPIN, saya sama sekali tidak menandatangani kontrak.

Mengapa saya tidak tanda tangan kontrak?

Apanya yang mau ditanda tangani, kontraknya aja baru mau dibuat sekarang, dan itupun saya dengan teman saya yang susun.

Sekali lagi, mengapa dia bodoh?

Karena dia malam ini terlihat marah sekali, dan seperti ingin mencekik saya hahaha sedangkan saya teleng-teleng kepala aja, then I said, ”Sudah selesai masalahnya? Hmm, yang sudah berlalu biarkan saja berlalu, just let it GO OUT!” Sambil sedikit menambahkan, “Mudah-mudahan kedepannya tidak terjadi seperti ini (karena sudah ada pembagian yang jelas yang BARU DISEPAKATI dengan rekan-rekan yang lain-dalam hati)”.

Nah, sekarang makin terlihat jelaslah kebodohan #the suck, owh I dunwanna mention her name in my nice blog, ngotorin aja#.

Hmmm, writing makes me feel so satisfy.


Oh yeah, the latest info from my NICE BOSS *at first I think that he is nice, but not more I guess*. Hmm, learning about being polite? Hahah. One more issue inside my company. They ARE not IMPORTANT for me anymore. I’m ready to quit, just let the #suck woman# satisfied, but let’s see later. Who laugh at first, they are the loser.

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